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Is the area under the tub going to be accessible? If not, then the union on the p-trap isn't useful (other than ease of installation), and a solvent weld p-trap would be less likely to leak, I think. [I'm also not clear on whether the slip joint connections on the tub waste and overflow are allowed in an inaccessible location.]

If you do end up redoing it, you could easily use one less 45 degree elbow by rotating the trap outlet elbow 45 degrees CW, and then moving the downstream elbow towards the coupling until it lines up with the trap outlet elbow.

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Thank you for your input. I agree that a fixed elbow coming out of the trap would be better, but I need the adjustability in case it doesn't line up when we drop the tub in. There was the same kind of connector in place with the old tub which I think had been there for 20 years without leaking, so it seems like the leak risk is minimal.
As to a single 45, that that is indeed possible, but lands the junction too close to the wall and doesn't yield the specific angle that puts puts the drain in the exact right spot. Also, I like that the double 45 lets me extend from the coupling further, giving plenty of room to make a future change.
Slips do seem to be allowed:
1003.2 Slip Joint Fittings

A maximum of one approved slip joint fitting shall be permitted to be used on the outlet side of a trap, and no tubing trap shall be installed without a listed tubing trap adapter. Listed plastic trap adapters shall be permitted to be used to connect listed metal tubing traps.​

It seems like access is mandated for metal traps but not ABS on fixtures. I don't know how I'd handle access other than tunneling in from the neighbors.
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