water filtration system

  1. H

    House came with Rain Soft system

    So… my fiancé and I just realized yesterday that we have a Rain Soft system on the side of our house. We’ve been here for a little over a year and when we moved in we were never told that it was out there (it’s encased in a storage box) and/or how to use it and maintain it. It’s obvious it...
  2. Scott Baxla

    Water treatment system for open tank feed into pressure system.

    I’m needing to treat the water from my well and looking for advice on how to do that. This is a little long winded: I’m attempting to present as clear of a picture as I can from my novice experience level. I’m wanting to use the well in a “temporary” water supply system. I need to pump from...
  3. TW80CJ5

    Water System Advice

    Hello All, I am not sure if this thread belongs here or in the water softener area. But let me explain: I have a river house right on the edge of a flowing river. I have had well issues of late. My sediment filters rapidly clog before the water hits my system. My 1 1/2 HP McDonald pump...
  4. JohnSop

    Sediment/Water Filter Replacement

    We have a Kinetico water softener system with a whole-house Kinetico sediment filter at the main water pipe before the softener. I want to replace the sediment filter because Kinetico wants nearly $80 for their paper proprietary filter and it doesn't last very long. I've checked everywhere for...
  5. GIOSD

    Whole house water filtration system with water softener

    Good morning, I have been trying to read as much as I can over the last 3 weeks and am still extremely confused because there are so many options and I still have no clue what I should be looking for. I am hoping someone here can give me some recommendations to narrow my research. We recently...
  6. Bob123456

    Water hammer problems whole house.

    Hi Everyone I had a water filtration system installed by a professional company recently and am experiencing water hammer throughout the house. It is most noticeable in my main floor powder room that has a new toilet. After the toilet is flushed a random series of bangs and (water hammer)...
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