water closet

  1. Davie

    Switching to wall hanging toilet.

    My old standard toilet was plumbed directly into my 4" cast iron soil stack, and I want to replace it with a hall hanging toilet. I've picked up a sigma duofix carrier for 2x4 walls from Geberit. The old toilet was wet vented. This is the only toilet in the house. It's is on the second floor...
  2. Bceverson

    Toilet plumbing and wet vent - remodel

    Hey everyone, thanks for taking a look at my remodel and specifically toilet plumbing/ wet vent questions. The main questions are: 1. Can I: A. use a 3x3x3x3 wye with a toilet/WC on one side and a tub/shower combo on the other. I understand that the toilet should be the furthest from the vent...
  3. xasm

    Vertical Wet vent for toilet & shower?

    Hi Guys, Just want to say that this forum has certainly helped my knowledge quite a bit on plumbing codes here in Ontario. My questions relate to the wet venting for a toilet and shower for a 1st floor bathroom master reno add. It mainly pertains to the vertical drop allowance for the...
  4. Timothy Witt

    Wet Venting Clarifications

    Hey guys, thanks for the forum, it has helped me countless times. We have a question about wet venting. Every image in the plumbing codes we can find shows an offset toilet when wet venting. We want to know if there is any issue with connecting to a line directly underneath of the toilet. It...
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