1. Ĝan Ŭesli Starling

    Direct Sales Vendors for Clack, Vortech & Ozotech

    As a DIY home-owner, where might I submit an RFQ shopping list via email for these product makes? Clack Vortech Ozotech My location is West Olive, Michigan. Feel free to reply also (or instead) via email or Facebook via links below. Email Fb/Aplonis
  2. Rus S

    Gravel with Vortech tank & Katalox ??

    I've read not to use gravel in my iron filter with Katalox in a Vortech tank, but the one I ordered came with garnet gravel. I haven't added the media yet, so I can go either way, but really want to know what's best.
  3. goldcakes

    Filox iron filter media leaking into pipe

    We have a 6-year-old Filox iron filter with a Fleck 2510 control. I believe the tank is a Vortech. We have a sediment filter installed after the iron filter, and for the first time, there are some granules in it that I assume are the Filox media leaking out into the pipe. What could cause...
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