1. Ipeakedinhighschool

    How does this DWV bathroom setup look? Awesome?

    Will this get the job done? I tried to keep it simple since I am simple. let me know if I botched something up. Thanks!
  2. Mitzy

    Venting for new bathroom

    I am putting in a new laundry/bath. It has a shower, sink, toilet, washer. It is right next to my other bath, which has a sink, shower, and toilet. The original bath has a 3" vent in the roof. By code, will I be able to tie in my new laundry/bath to the 3" vent and save a hole in the roof? The...
  3. robinsi

    Bathroom rough in : joist under wall

    Hi, I’m new here so I hope my first post makes sense! I’m remodeling my cottage bathroom. There is a floor joist right under and parallel to the wall where the shower, toilet and sink are. So the drains and vents cannot go trough the bottom plate of the wall like they usually do :( To solve that...
  4. ngmtl

    Venting Problems - How to Diagnose Positive vs. Negative Pressure

    From what I understand, it's generally safe to say that gurgling from a drain signals a venting issue. I'm looking for ideas to help diagnose which of two possibilities is in play. Feel free to suggest other possibilities that I have not considered. Possibility 1 - Negative pressure but with...
  5. tippsand

    How do I vent this basement bathroom?

    Hi - How do I vent this bathroom that was roughed in before the house was completed? Same bathroom in all pix, just showing what the room looks like now (we had to cover the studs since the inspector decided the basement was "finished" and he wanted it fire rated). 2" from lav and tub; the...
  6. skylarsutton

    Washing Machine Vent Distances

    Hello - thanks in advance for any replies/advice. I am doing a laundry room addition on our house. My plan is to use one of those modern washing machine boxes with a standpipe+trap+vent on an interior wall. I found the UBC code sections about standpipe heights / trap distances and everything...
  7. Kyle Marsden

    Tub/Shower to Shower only: trap arm and venting

    Hello all, wonderful site have learned a lot over the last couple days. I typically do tile work but have been tasked with some plumbing work on my current project (rural job in Missouri, owner is NOT pulling permits) Pictures attached are the re-work of a second floor drain and vent. Existing...
  8. bc85

    Unpermitted Basement Bathroom Construction

    Hi All, I have recently found myself in a bit of a jam. I purchased my house over 5 years ago and on the second week of owning the sewer backup'd and partially flooded the laundry room and basement bathroom. The damage was not extensive and it was cleaned up within the day thru our insurance. I...
  9. saxsellers

    How to add AAV

    My wife and I just bought a home (built 1901) and are having an issue with our double kitchen sink barely draining and backing up if the faucet is on for about a minute or more. We checked to make sure there wasn't a clog. The run from the kitchen to the vent stack/main drain is 25+ feet, and...
  10. kozzney

    Venting Question for Adding Shower to Bathroom

    Hi everyone, thanks for the knowledge from this forum I've gained by reading a lot! However, I think I have a unique situation. I'm expanding a half-bath in the basement into a full bath, and after getting all the concrete up, realized that of course right where I want the new locations for...
  11. LorraineH

    Inconsistent sewer smell, fixtures not vented?

    Post deleted.
  12. i'm my own troublemaker

    Laundry room rough in with drain pan

    Hello all Always turn to this site for any matters plumbing related and I have a new item on the “Honey Do” list. Going to relocate laundry into a second floor old bedroom in our split level. Waste and dryer power and PEX supply will all be run through interior 2x4 walls down to basement...
  13. Rag

    Venting Two Washing Machines on Single Drain

    Just wanted to check if my drainage and venting seemed ok. This is for two washing machines (standpipe) draining into a 2" drain, and each trap vented to a 1.5" vent stack. (This is for Canada if that makes a difference) I circuit vented the traps. I haven't seen it anywhere but is this correct...
  14. csand

    Venting for Sink and Shower into Macerator

    I'm adding a bathroom in a recently-enclosed garage. Instead of busting up the concrete and trenching to the septic tank, I'm feeding this into a macerating toilet, which I'll then tie into a nearby line that goes to the septic. My question is about venting. I've roughed in a configuration, but...
  15. Timothy Witt

    Wet Venting Clarifications

    Hey guys, thanks for the forum, it has helped me countless times. We have a question about wet venting. Every image in the plumbing codes we can find shows an offset toilet when wet venting. We want to know if there is any issue with connecting to a line directly underneath of the toilet. It...
  16. James Broadback

    Bathroom pipes - is this right?

    Hello everyone, I have been reading on here for a while. I love this forum! We are adding another room in our basement and needed to move some pipes over. Is this setup correct? I just duplicated what was in place already just literally moved it over away from the window edge, over about 10"...
  17. sagrr

    Venting a washing machine in a condo

    I live in a 4 story condo with drains done in galvanized pipes that turn into PVC within the units. If I add a washing machine and just stick the draining into my existing shower drain that's vented with the galvanized pipes, do I have to worry about venting it?
  18. CrackedCastIron

    Using a Sanitary Tee as Vent directly connected to P-Trap trap?

    First pic shows what I believe would be a standard install. P-Trap + P-Trap elbow, connected to a vent. Second pic shows using a sanitary tee RATHER than the elbow that came with the P-Trap, functioning as both the P-Trap elbow and as the vent coming out the top. Are there any issues with this...
  19. ropinheels

    Vent size?

    Im in CO using IPC. Can I run this group using one 2" vent? I would just run a separate 2" for the kitchen but I have a roof valley and would need to off set it anyway. Does the WC need a re-vent? I have 19 DFU's in this group, its a new construction ranch with a basement. I appreciate the...
  20. Jon Romalo (Calgary DIY!)

    Design for rebuilt stack - does it meet code?

    Hi folks. I am renovating a bungalow and I have removed the old 3” cast iron stack various piping on the main floor. I am going to rebuild the stack using 3” ABS. There is also a 2” drain into the basement floor that I will be using for a couple of fixtures. I’ve taken a shot at designing the...
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