vent stack

  1. MyFortressConstruction

    Vent Stack Location question with Drawings

    So, you can look at the pictures and see what I intend on doing. My problem is that the shower drain is not close enough to the stack to meet plumbing code (There is no code out here in the boondocks). I could put the stack up through the exterior wall to the right of the window, but that would...
  2. underthetablethinker

    Is this an S-Trap?

    Had a plumber over on friday to give advice on how I should vent my 3" toilet drain, and even after telling the receptionist on both phone calls I was only looking for an idea on where to run the vent line, the guy was still upset when I told him I was doing the work myself. He said he's not in...
  3. Tony1981

    Bubbling Toilet and Slow Tub Drain

    Hello, and thank you in advance for any help. I did read through other threads before posting, but didn't find anything related to my issue. After a long bout of rain a few weeks ago, I noticed my toilet bubbling when doing a load of laundry. The toilet bubbled a bit every time the washer...
  4. David Hogan

    AAV and Vent Combination

    I'm building my own home in a rural area. I have a professional installing an aerobic septic system. The entire house is solid wood and it has a metal roof. There aren't any wall cavities and the ceilings are vaulted without an attic space. So, I don't have space to hide vent pipes as they rise...
  5. bmillice

    Adding 2nd Sink-Does this look right?

    I'm adding a 2nd sink, about 3ft over from the existing drain that is tee'd directly onto the vent. Can I simply glue a sanitary tee right above the existing one, and then run pvc over about 3 ft through the studs? If I remember correctly, 3 ft is close enough to the vent, just not sure about...
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