toilet choice

  1. S

    Looking to match old toilet footprint

    Hi All, New member and first post. I am replacing an old toilet in an older home. There is an existing plaster mounting pad, in good shape, but I cannot seem to find a current now toilet that will fit on this properly. Pad measures 10" wide by 20" deep, with the hole dead center in pad. All...
  2. raeyn

    Toilet clogs 3-4x/wk - toilet issue or further down?

    Hi, About 4 years ago, we purchased one of the Costco Water Ridge 2pc toilets that seemed well rated at the time. We got permission to use it in our apartment as we needed the higher seat. After we installed it, a few unrelated toilet line plumbing issues came up in the building. A plumbing...
  3. Lchap

    Lost - Need help choosing toilet

    Please, I need help. My 20-year toilet went kaput. My husband passed, so just me & taking several weeks to choose - my head is spinning. Stats: toilet room is 38” W x 66” L, rough 12”. Toilet sits 2” from wall, lid 1”. My main concern is price. Complete under $200-230, max 250-275, with seat &...
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