tight space

  1. Duffman56

    No room for fittings

    What do you guys do when there isn’t room for fittings? I’ve lowered my subfloor for a curbless shower. Unfortunately the 2x4 framing is now in the way of my DWV plumbing. Even if I put the wye all the way against the joist, I can’t see how I’ll be able to properly get the 1-1/2” line off of...
  2. Snorp

    Faucet removal - Very tight spot - Best way?

    My best wishes to all. I need to replace the faucet on a bathroom vanity as the water flow is unacceptably slow. I've looked at other reasons for the slowness of the flow, but it comes down to the basic design of the faucet - which came with the vanity. I've bought a replacement faucet. I'm...
  3. Tom Hafemann

    Basement shower drain questions

    Hello all, I am putting a bathroom in my basement. Everything was plumbed in when I bought my house except for the shower drain. So it has been "my pleasure" to tear up the concrete to put in the drain. The main 3" drain wasn't exactly where I thought it was going to be, so it is going to...
  4. CapMcC

    AAV Recommendations for a Tight Space

    I have a tight space in which I need to install an air admittance valve (AAV). The below image shows the back of the wall behind my bathroom sink that is competing with my nearby tub drain to see who can suck out the other's p-trap faster. From my review of IRC P3114, my options seem very...
  5. AndrewME

    Replacement of Cast Iron in Tight Space

    What is the best way to deal with the situation in the photo attached? I'm replacing the 4" cast iron with 4" PVC. The problem is these pipes are near the bottom of the basement stairs so we need headroom as well as space around the stairs when we need to bring items in/out of the basement like...
  6. FakeGamerGirl

    Installing standard bathtub in mobile home

    Hello! We bought a flipped house as our first home (yeah we're geniuses) and the tub started peeling pretty quick. We bought a replacement tub that would fit in the space but didn't account for this new tub having an overflow opening when the old one didn't. We also didn't anticipate the trap...
  7. Clamor

    Would a P trap and vent like this work?

    Wondering if I can do a trap and vent as pictured below. I searched around, but couldn't find anyone asking for this specific configuration. From what I've read, it *seems* like this would be acceptable since it would block sewer gasses, and the water would not siphon out the trap. but I wasn't...
  8. Suzanne Shwaluk

    Buying clearance with 14" unifit and offset flange

    Hello All, let me start by saying 'Thank You'! I was going nuts re: toilet analysis paralysis. This forum has restored some measure of sanity. It's fun being amongst other toilet geeks. I am renovating a powder room bath that has a 31" clearance from centre of toilet seat edge to door...
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