sump pump

  1. Mark Ezrin

    New Sump Pump Advice

    I need to replace my sump pump and want to take a swing at doing it myself. The pump is 22 years old and I'm pretty sure it failed. The outlet is working so I know it isn't power. I have standing water where the pump is sitting. (1) Do I need to drain the water out of the area where the pump...
  2. K.C.

    Sump pump/basement mold

    Hi all! I am not a professional. I work in an office building that has had mold problems in the past which resulted in coworkers becoming ill. There was testing done that confirmed mold present and recommended installing sump pumps and a dehumidifier in the basement. This is what it looks like...
  3. J.Appleseed

    Iron filter and softener backwash smell in sump pit

    Hello I recently myself repiped my whole house in copper and installed a new pressure tank, 3 stage cartridge filter, iron reducing well filter, and softener. The filters backwash to my sump pit, which in turn discharges out the side of the house and to a drainage ditch at the road. I have a...
  4. Richtdow

    Sump Pit Design and Necessity

    Yesterday after a couple days of rain ending with a particularly heavy bout, my basement had a couple of inches of water in it from hydrostatic pressure. This happened once before two years ago under similar conditions. Since then I worked my surface drainage around the house (ground level...
  5. Coffer85

    Advice on moving washer when on slab

    I plan on moving my washer and dryer out of the kitchen and put it into the closed(insulation) old garage. Theres no drain or water hook up. I don't plan on digging into the slab for the drain. I've seen other houses in my area that have used a sump to drain the water through the attic back to...
  6. Antlerman

    Best Washing Machine & Laundry Tub Pump?

    I'm going to be helping my son work on a duplex he is purchasing that has a bad setup for washing machine draining - BOTH apartments drain their washing machines AND laundry tubs into the sump pump basin. It smells bad and, most likely, will cause the motor on the sump pump to fail...
  7. Kevin71246

    Make a pump quiet check valve with a wye?

    I have a typical loud thump when my ejector pump goes off, obviously from my check valve. I went to the big box store but they don't sell 2" quiet/silent/klunkless CVs. They actually have a licensed plumber working there, which is a surprise. He told me when he installs pumps he puts a wye...
  8. mattdwright

    Sump Pump Sucking Noise - After Cycle Stops

    Hello, Need some help on this one please. New 1 HP Wayne sump pump and "quiet" check valve installed a couple of weeks ago. It runs great. However, after it cycles, there is a sucking/slurping noise almost like a vacuum has been created and fails. It lasts a second or two but is annoying and...
  9. Seneca Lake Monster

    Improper Venting of Laundry Tray/Sump Pump System & Misc

    Greetings, Firstly I appreciate any and all professional advice that anyone here can provide. I read another thread on a similar topic a few weeks ago, and the original poster seemed to sustain an adversarial posture despite (and in spite of) the sound recommendations of the professionals on...
  10. Jamie2021

    Why isn't manually draining my sump pump working?

    I woke up to a piercing alarm - the sump pump water level was too high. We figured out the end of the discharge pipe was frozen outside so heated it by inserting a hose spraying hot water. The ice melted but the sump pit didn’t empty. I started trying to empty it with small pails but after 30...
  11. ChainsawLullaby

    Sump pump loud “pouring” noise after each cycle...normal? (with video)

    Hi plumbing pros. A very wet Seattleite here, very stumped by my sump pump. I have an 1920s home with a fully finished basement and an interior perimeter drain system, including a covered submersible sump pump system tucked away under tile/slab and behind my clothes dryer. All done by previous...
  12. Anthony Caruso

    Sump pump switches constantly failing

    My home is only 8 years old and I am on my third sump pump. Every time it is the switch that is going bad. I'm only getting a couple of years out of every product I buy. No matter the horsepower rating the switch still goes bad. My basement does collect more water then normal. I need advice on a...
  13. Ben1986to

    Sump Pump vs?

    Hi, I am installing a new below grade level walkout entrance for a basement. The city says the sump pump has to be connected to the drain directly. Unfortunately, my sump pump is on the opposite side of the entrance and inside has already been finished. Is there another way? They said I cannot...
  14. RRCURbob

    Elevation of back-up sump pump

    My 1920s era house has a bottomless clay tile sump pit liner. Because of local conditions, there is always standing water in the pit, about 24" below the floor. This means that the Zoeller pump that rests on gravel at the bottom of the pit is pretty much always partially submerged. It's...
  15. JoeA

    Primary Sump Pump Suggestion Zoeller vs Ridgid

    Hi, I'm looking to replace my primary sump pump and I know plumbers usually suggest going with Zoeller but I have a lot of concerns especially after reading reviews about constant switch failures. I'm comparing two options here: Zoeller 0.75HP from Lowes...
  16. Josh87

    Sump Pump Gurgle - Sealed Pit, Radon, and a Long PVC Run

    Hi Everyone, I posted about a shower drain a few months back and received very helpful advice from everyone - Many thanks! I'm back again and looking for some help about a sump pump gurgle issue. What basically happens is that after my pump runs for 1 minute, there are at least 30 seconds of...
  17. Jmcnam

    Best primary sump pump and best battery backup

    Looking for unbiased input on best sump pump and battery backup available? So far I have someone telling me nexgen pumps our the best thing going? Anyone think differently or know of any drawbacks of them? Thanks Jim
  18. J.A.R.V.I.S.

    Sump Pump Surger Protector?

    I bought two of these little single outlet surge protectors, one for the primary sump pump, and one for the battery backup. Upon opening it, I noticed the sticker that says not for use with aquariums or other water-related products. Is there a type of surge protector that can be used with...
  19. mbmsv

    What should I do with this sump pump pit?

    Hello experts, This is a repost from another forum where so far nobody has replied to me. I am hoping this is OK. I have this pit in my house and everything about it seems wrong but I am not sure how I can make it right. Please forgive my ignorance but I am not sure I even understand...
  20. logwolf

    How to install new sump pump in shallow sump

    I have a hole in my basement floor that is 13" deep x 11" in diameter. There is no sump pump system anywhere in the basement, so I assume that's what this hole is for. This basement has been dry through heavy rains and piles of snow, in the six years I have lived here. This house was built in...
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