1. Garrit22

    Removing old Moen with no set screw

    I'm helping a friend remove their shower knob to replace it but can't figure out how to pull it off. There used to be a handle and screw that held that in place but that was lost. It is a Moen shower handle. Any ideas or help identifying the model?
  2. Conqurall

    Aquabrass, Mystery Shower Cartridge

    I have a shower cartridge that I cannot identify. I have pulled on all my sources and have come up empty handed. Does this look familiar to anyone?
  3. Greenwood

    Shower sound from downstairs neighbor super loud

    Hello, I wish I could get some advice here. I am living upstairs in a condo. Recently, my downstairs neighbor's shower sound is super loud which always wake me up from sound sleep at late night. It's like they are showering in my bathroom. It didn't occur before and only recently since one day...
  4. Greenwood

    Shower sound from downstairs too loud

    Hello, I wish I could get some advice here. I am living upstairs in a condo. Recently, my downstairs neighbor's shower sound is super loud which always wake me up from sound sleep at late night. It's like they are showering in my bathroom. I have recorded the sound with a decibel meter. Here...
  5. DeRun

    Need Help! Adding Shower to Basement Half - Drain and venting

    Hi. Noobie here and thanks for the add! I'm a DIYer and want to add a shower to the half bath in basement. Not sure how to add drain line and vent. Please see pic attached. Red arrows show toilet and sink drain direction under slab. The blue circle shows where the copper vent meets slab...
  6. MzG

    Probably a stupid question, but…

    I purchased a home recently that turned out to be a mobile home with add one. On the outside it looks great and never guessed it wasn’t a stick built home, but am finding LOTS of undercover issues! I decided to convert my extremely small full bath into a half bath when I discovered the subfloor...
  7. TheOverThinker

    Drywall / Coating shower renovation. 1950's

    Hmm. Consider this shower: This was apparently built between 1957 and 1966, but without the required City permits. It's now come to light with the authority having jurisdiction, and must be inspected to meet the 2019 California Residential Code. The City has no problem with the galvanized...
  8. Beadyeye

    Abca01004, Shower mixing when off and dumping water into cold pipe; can you help identify the hardware manufacturer?

    My shower is constantly mixing hot and cold water and dumping into the cold pipe. It also won’t mix in enough hot water anymore. I also can’t figure out the manufacturer to find out what part I’d need to order and replace. Can you help identify who manufacturers the hardware and help me find...
  9. WoodchuckDIY

    Master Suite Bath Drain Advice - Tub and Bath Separate

    Hello All! I've been perusing the forums (and much of the web for that matter) without finding details on the proper way to vent a stand alone shower and stand alone tub into the same drain line. In addition to this, open to any feedback/concerns/advice on my general plans for the relocation...
  10. Narshe9999

    Leaking Grohe Grohtherm 1000 Temperature Control. New shower could be installed within a month. How should I fix this without throwing away $300?

    Hello! This installation is about 20 years old now, and this is the first problem I've had. It leaks whether the shower is running or off. It leaks whether the temperature control knob is turned hot, cold or in between. It has been leaking for 2 weeks. And the leaking is getting a lot worse...
  11. Rkol297

    Hansgrohe - Two function Shower with a shared function - Plumbing nightmare

    Hello, I'm installing the Hansgrohe iBox part # - 01850181 with the Quattro Rough 3 way diverter valve 15930181 that allows for the use of two separate functions (Rain shower & Hand Shower) as well as a shared function (both together. I've plumbed them up and when I got to the plumbing of the...
  12. Positronus

    Moving shower drain across floor joist

    Below is the diagram of my bathroom plumbing system, hopefully it's somewhat correct. I'd like to move shower drain to the right of the joist (marked with 'new'). I was thinking about following options, that might as well be incorrect because I am not very versed in plumbing codes: * Move drain...
  13. Oldtimm

    Venting a basement shower remodel

    Hello all, In the process of a remodel and I'm trying to wrap my head around how to vent the shower. The way I see it, I have two options based on where everything needs to be. Option A (red lines are my proposed runs): Option B: The shower trap will be too close to the wall to fork off of...
  14. Dumb DIY

    Rubber Gasket won’t seat onto 2 inch PVC shower drain all the way.

    Hey guys, Replacing an old acrylic shower pan that was on it’s last leg with a new acrylic one. The shower pan I bought came with a special drain that I haven’t seen before. Standard center drain, however the drain has a rubber gasket that is supposed to fit over the 2 inch pvc drain pipe. Had...
  15. JMustang

    HELP! Shower Head Leaking when Guest Bath is Used

    My master shower dribbles and drips when the guest bath/shower is used. Both the valve and cartridge(Single Lever) have been replaced and it's still doing it. What the heck?
  16. Piper308

    Lukewarm "hot" water during bathroom addition.

    Hello, and thank you to all the replies in advance. First time posting, have a question about lukewarm water temps during a bathroom addition. I have a 2.5 bath house, which I am having a basement full bathroom addition (toilet, shower, etc.) completed at this time. The contractor...
  17. Haeffnkr

    Moen shower faucet replacement - one hole? - get a constant temp?

    Hi, I have a standard Moen mixer shower valve. In the winter it is hard to keep the right mix of water to keep a constant temp out of the shower head. Yes I could replace the cartridge again and maybe see marginal improvements. Wife is tired of always adjusting it back and forth in the...
  18. ThatGoogleGuy

    Basement rough in plumbing questions

    Long time reader - first time poster. Thanks in advance for the advice! I'm framing a basement for a friend. The house is only 11 years old, I'm impressed by the builders work, the entire house is plumbed with pex and has a very detailed manifold where practically every fixture is a homerun...
  19. Nay

    Low water pressure after remodel

    Hello. I had to change my entire shower and I put a shutoff valve on the cold and hot water lines. They stayed off (and uncapped- I only recently learned about caps) for just over 2 months. The line goes bathroom sink-> shower-> kitchen sink. Ever since I put the shut off valves on, the water...
  20. NomicEnvy

    M-Core, Does twin ell replace valve separation specs for no stacking leak?

    Hello, longtime lurker here with my first post! I'm a DIYer plumbing a tub/shower with Moen m-core parts. I had intended to follow the layout in the first image from Moen's online design guide, which caps the shower port and includes a twin ell. However, the instructions with my mixing valve...
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