sediment filter

  1. P

    Advice on whole house filtration set up

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out the set up for whole house filtration system. Splendora TX (an hour away from Houston TX) municipal water from a private company called Quadvest 158 Hardness (mg/L), 9.23 (grains) according to their website small house 2 bathrooms 2ppl for now I understand I...
  2. Marcus12345

    Water softener and sediment filter drain lines

    Hi— I have an auto-backwashing sediment filter (for well water) y’d into the drain line from the water softener. My sediment filter malfunctioned and backwashed continuously for over a week (!) before we discovered it. The brine tank did not overfill. But we noticed the water now tastes...
  3. W

    Dirty cistern options

    Hi all, New to wells in general and I'm looking for any recommendations you may have. Basically, I have a low yield well that feeds into a 1700 gal cistern, which is then pumped into my house to a well pressure tank, and finally through a sediment filter . Now, there is a significant amount...
  4. Michael Stitsworth

    Carbon Block Recommendatikn

    I have a drilled well that produces about 10 gpm. Water has little to no sand, but is prone to fine sediment. I installed a Rusco sediment trapper with a 150 mesh screen just before the incoming water splits into the horse line and outside faucet line. Next on the house line is another Rusco...
  5. Krishna Boppana

    Sediment Filter Check - Is it Doing its Job?

    Hi - I am paying a bit more attention to my well water system now after I got hit with replacing the Radon pump. The pump is about 8+ years old. It collected a lot of iron over the years. I have a sediment filter, softener. I use a 30-micron sediment filter. My guess is there is suspended iron...
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