1. RehabMD

    HELP! - Strange Rust on (2) NEW Heaters

    Hello all I fear a dispute with waterproofing contractor so need some advice I have two new water heaters in a duplex (one in each respective basement) -Model: Rheem 50gal Heaters (Purchased at Home Depot) -Electric heaters -Expansion Tanks -Dehumidifiers running 24/7 Heaters were...
  2. Lukasny

    Well water issues

    I'm trying to figure out what is going on with my well water and softener. I keep getting those rust spots on my utensils and I cant figure out what is causing it. I have tried few water softener companies and they all have not answers. Also last year I redid my water manifolds and year later...
  3. Rebekah Rich

    Rust around element/thermostat

    Hello, I am in need of some advice. My 50 gallon electric water heater was recently leaking at the connection from the cold water supply. That's been fixed, and still no hot water- so I opened up the bottom panel and discovered the insulation was wet. Turned out the leak had caused a lot of...
  4. citydweller3033

    Rust on outside of electrical panel

    I got my new water heater today. Terry was a big help in getting me to understand the strange way that my old one was set up. Between the removal of the old unit, and the installation of the new unit, I went into the W.H. closet to clean up the floor and look around. The electrical panel is...
  5. Kaspars

    Boiler leaking through side.

    Dear Gentlemen, I'll be short: I'm not very knowledgeable in the boiler side of things, although I'm technically inclined and am reading up on boilers as we speak. I have an acute problem, that I have to fix miself due to budgeting issues - I can't afford to change the boiler or anything of...
  6. Robert98

    Dark Rust on Water Intake Connection to Expansion Tank

    Hey All, I was changing my expansion tank today and when I took it off it and the intake pipe were completely clogged with rust that looked black. The metal lip inside after the threading was completely rusted out at the bottom and the expansion tank connection was uneven from rust as well. My...
  7. pjbMit

    Rust buildup in 1.5" shallow well pipe

    I have a shallow well, and went to replace the 3/4 hp jet pump with a new Goulds pump, and replace the back flow valve. I noticed a lot of visible rust caking in the well pipe. What are my options for cleaning this up? I'm assuming that knocking it free is bad, because it would fall back...
  8. jschneider28

    Rust coming from nowhere (?)

    I have a brand new porcelain covered steel tub, installed by a contractor. less than 3 months in rust started to form around the drain under the flange. I called him immediately to come look at it. He came over and removed the flange, he said he rubbed the rust off with his finger and there...
  9. JoeV

    Just installed cast iron shower drain is already rusting

    We just got our bathroom remodeled and I noticed that the new cast iron shower drain already started to rust, and nobody used the shower yet, except for the plumber who installed the faucet. Should we be concerned, and is there anything we could do to prevent the rust to spread?
  10. Terry

    Rust and chips on porcelain bathroom sink, Lav replacement

    Rust and chips on porcelain bathroom sink happen over time. After a number of years, the only solution is complete replacement. Often when asked to change a lav faucet, if the sink is from the 80's I don't bother unless they are also replacing the lav (basin). Remove the drain on a rusting relic...
  11. AndyfromQuebec

    Condensation issue on 8-year old Giant water heater

    Noticed some dried rusty water streaks on the outside of my 8-year old Giant hot water heater (172ETE), a Canadian-brand that used to be revered for its products longevity. The streaks were coming from the upper access panel, so I opened it up to find the batt insulation underneath sopping wet...
  12. Needhelp12

    Rusted flange, need to replace?

    We had our bathroom re-tiled and now need to reinstall the toilet. Subfloor is concrete. The flange looks rusted and we aren't sure it will bolt down the toilet and be secure (see pic below). Are we ok to just add spacers to get to the right height and reinstall or does this flange need to be...
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