1. Makemenuconfig

    Anything wrong with running a 1/4 bend into a wye?

    If I remember correctly, 45 degrees is considered vertical, so it seems like I should be able to use a 1/4 bend (with a heel to vent) into a wye like this. Does this work for a WC?
  2. DIYJared

    What is this?

    Moved into our house about a year and a half ago and noticed this drain/clean out? In the driveway. Have no idea what it is for. garage Is below grade and crawlspace backs to it. When I Look in the crawlspace I see no pipes going in that direction. Neighbor doesn’t have one in his driveway...
  3. Terry

    Texas plumbing questions. How to repair plumbing leaks

    Texas plumbing questions. How to repair plumbing leaks. Where is a main shutoff? Questions about my well Water heater questions Can I use Sharkbites to repair leaks, and is PEX a good repair pipe? What kind of pipe cutter is good for cutting out sections of pipe has split. You can check the...
  4. NTM

    Proper technique for setting a tub in mortar?

    I am setting an alcove tub (60x32) in a bed of mortar but I want to know the specific technique I should apply. My tub has 4 supporting feet but the manufacturer specifies that mortar is also needed. During my reading on this site, I read that Terry suggested to put piles of mortar down to...
  5. Nicholas Roe

    New Heater concerns

    Hello I have a water heater from 1994 that is leaking. I live in Charlotte NC. I’m thinking about going tankless. My concern is that it would be in my crawl space. Fully enclosured crawl space. I have plenty of room all around the tank currently and I don’t really want to move it inside...
  6. Terry

    Posting questions and using avatars on this site

    If you have registered as a user here, you can post your questions by first entering one of the many forums, and after entering you will see "Post New Thread" at the top right like in the picture above, of course with your username and not mine. Clicking on that will start the process. When...
  7. TexasHomeowner659

    Condensation, What is this hose?

    Hi all, What is this hose's purpose? It connects above the P-trap on my bathroom sink and runs into a wall facing the outside. It's on only one of the two sinks in the master bath. My wife says when it's cold she can hear what sounds like wind coming from the sink drain. This sink is on the...
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