overflow tube

  1. UrbanNest

    Bathtub overflow doesn't do its job, AquaCanada

    Hi there peeps! I had the bathtub position relocated (brand new plumbing except for the column) and a brand new free standing bathtub installed. When the water reaches the overflow, the overflow does not do its job. If I don't stop the water flowing into the bathtub= disaster waiting to happen...
  2. Aaron Perez

    Mansfield toilet tank overflow causing leak downstairs

    Hi all, I have a 2 story house. Had a water leak a few days ago from somewhere on the wall between the laundry room and bathroom. Laundry side has water connection, bathroom side has no water (toilet/sink/shower/tub water sources are on outside wall). Figured it was washing machine's drain...
  3. RavingFans

    Drain Line for Washing Machine Overflow Drain Pan

    Hi folks, we had a Washer Leak (bad drain hose inside the washer) that put water everywhere in the laundry room, and into the hall. Fortunately we caught it in time and got the water contained/drained and had fans on it before anything was damaged. I am thinking I would like to put the washer...
  4. DaniJames

    Bathtub Trip Lever Plunger Won't Go Past Lip Of Pipe

    I was caulking my bathtub and was removing the caulk around the overflow plate when the linkage for the plunger came loose. I removed the linkage put the plunger back down the hole but now the tub wouldn't hold water even when though I could hear the plunger bottom out. I took the overflow pipe...
  5. Brandon in VA

    Simple way to slightly move overflow drain back?

    I am working on a basement bathroom remodel and the overflow tube on the new bathtub needs to sit about 5/8" closer to the wall than where it sits for the current bathtub. Side to side it is in the correct position. I'd like to avoid going into the slab for such a small change if I can. I have...
  6. MyDucky

    Fill Valve assistance please!

    My husband isn't handy with plumbing and I'm undergoing chemo and shouldn't even attempt a plumbing DIY....... I noticed a week ago that my toilet was flushing fine, but the bowl wasn't filling up. I found the answer here on another post and checked my boys' toilet and sure enough the fill tube...
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