1. theMezz

    Backup generator to power my Navien NCB-240E

    I was thinking of buying this generator to power my Navien NCB-240E and one zone water pump. Boiler requires 200 watts. It's 2000 watts so should be enough, but do you think the power is clean enough for the electronics in the NCB-240E thanks in advance everyone
  2. hulabaloo

    Radiant floor conversion master plan

    Hi all, I’ve been lurking here for some time and am thankful for all of the knowledge gleaned, your generosity with your time is humbling. I’ve got a heating situation that I’d love to have some experienced eyes look over. 3.5 years ago my family moved into a “needs everything” home that was...
  3. theMezz

    Nest Thermostat With Navien NCB-240E

    I have a Navien NCB-240E connected via two wires to a traditional thermostat and all is well. I wanted to replace that setup with a Nest. I can run a new wire from the NCB-240E to the Nest. I'm unsure of what type of wire to use and where the connections should go. I can follow wiring...
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