main stack

  1. Brian Kehlmeier

    Is tying into the existing stack or adding a new roof penetration preferred?

    I am DIYing the plumbing in my new addition and planned on tying the drains into the main stack in the basement and also the vents into the main stack in the attic. As with all of these projects, little questions pop up that I did not anticipate, like this one: If I am going to insert a hard...
  2. Jim112

    Toilet waste pipe from attic, added to original stack, advice needed

    Would love to get more info here before I undertake costly repairs. Posted a similar qs recently but I made a mess of it, so here's another attempt Relatives added a toilet in the attic a few years ago, have had problems recently with blockages and odors - I've never seen a waste pipe added...
  3. Jim112

    Toilet blocked, backed up, bad plumbing?

    Relatives of mine got the attic converted a few years back, and installed a toilet up there. Some local guy done the plumbing - not sure of his qualifications. The toilet comes from the far side of the attic and the pipes travel across the room - and it was added to the existing stack in the...
  4. Vladr

    Replacing CI main line with PVC - need advice

    Good morning! Been following for ages, but this is my first post, since I'm in a bit of a pickle and the clock is ticking... Some background: I'm having someone dig up the old rat slab in our 1920 2-storey home's basement early next week, and then pour a new 4" slab a few inches...
  5. SeaDave

    CI Stack Question

    Terry, Switching from my son’s second floor remodel to my own 1926 single story cottage with basement. There is 1 bedroom and bathroom on the main floor and a second bedroom/ bathroom / laundry in the basement. Currently remodeling the main floor bathroom, and replacing the supply and drain...
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