main line

  1. Vladr

    Replacing CI main line with PVC - need advice

    Good morning! Been following for ages, but this is my first post, since I'm in a bit of a pickle and the clock is ticking... Some background: I'm having someone dig up the old rat slab in our 1920 2-storey home's basement early next week, and then pour a new 4" slab a few inches...
  2. Pennstump

    Vibrating / Chattering Pipes Behind PRV

    Hi. Newbie here. I've searched for help on this topic all across the Internet and I couldn't find anything. So, I thought I'd ask the pros. I have pipes at the main that sometimes violently vibrate / chatter. This seems to happen during medium to heavy flow. Here's my setup: Water comes up...
  3. icatchlarge

    Pressure flow pipe size question

    Complicated question here but I’ll start: we have a well that feeds our Main house, (over 1 inch line, unsure) then goes to 3/4 in the basement, two filters and a neutralizer, then out running 3/4 line 225 ft winding uphill to a cottage. Pressure issue is up there. a guy dug the whole thing...
  4. RobinHell

    Water Softener Drain Into Hung Mainline

    Hello, I am installing a water softener, and I need to install a drain line. Problem is, I have nothing in the basement (such as a laundry tub) where I can run the line to an air gap (and then onto a drain). The photo shows my main line and source water. Can I replace the first vertical 45...
  5. Ethan Hubler

    Occasional Thump or Thud when running water - PRV failure?

    Hello. My wife and I moved into our current home about 5 years ago. The home is now 18 years old. Our water supply lines are all copper, with PVC waste and drain pipes. Over the last 1-2 months, we've noticed a slight thump when flushing toilets, or turning on a faucet full blast. Not every...
  6. AVR

    New Main Line From Well - Is this done properly

    Hey all, Was traveling and out of town when I get the news that our water won't work. called a local plumbing / well company that replaced our submersible pump almost 3 years ago, and sadly the mainline from the well to the house apparently broke or gave out or something, it might have been...
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