1. C

    Help Identifying Shower Faucet Brand to Remove It

    Anyone know what brand of faucet temperature knob this is? I need to remove it and can't figure out how to get the knob off for repairs behind the plate. Thanks in advance!
  2. Sefxtc

    Shower gets colder

    Hi, my question is when I start my shower I have to put it to almost 50% on the hot side. Then after 5 minutes the water gets colder (Luke warm). Then i turn the knob a little hotter, right after 5 min it gets colder again. What could be the cause of this?
  3. RedRoger

    Price Pfister Old Fixture

    My new house has Price Pfister fixtures. I assume the white part is the cap to get to the screw. I have one knob that has come off. I can’t figure out how to get the cap off. Anyone seen this type of fixture?
  4. Bogdan Gabriel

    How do I cut off water from a radiator?

    Ok, so recently I moved in to a dorm. I live in a small room, but with a huge radiator, that looks kind of like this: but with that knob on the upper side. Problem is that the knob is missing, and I can't turn off the water. It looks like this: Any idea how I can turn it off by hand, or...
  5. Amelia Fleck

    Tub single knob handle stuck

    Just noticed the tub knob in a rental unit is stuck; wont push in or pull out. That bathroom has a separate shower a few feet away, and the water works fine to it; also water is fine in the sink & toilet. Blows my mind, because it looks like the knob is stuck in the pulled out (open) position...
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