hot water boiler

  1. Eclecticmn

    What valves to use for hot water cast iron radiators?

    I have a hot water cast iron radiator system. It has separate supply and return pipes. My kitchen had slant fins that never got warm. I do not want to rehash that issue. The kitchen had not seen heat since at least before 1998 I recently learned. In a desperation to troubleshoot I cut the 3/4...
  2. edronline

    Replacing 2nd floor A/C unit with combo A/C / heat pump system

    A bit of a theoretical question as our SEER 16 a/c system is ok. Big old 3 story + basement 3800 sf house. Western PA. Heat is new Weil-McLain EVG-220 hot water system with big old rads all over the house. 2 central A/C systems - first floor system & 2nd/3rd floor system When the 2nd floor...
  3. Dan Westerfield

    Tanked hot water heater to heat 2 new radiators

    I have an original 1914 coal fired (converted to gas) boiler that runs my gravity hot water heating via cast iron radiators. I have a pantry, and and a small breakfast room off of the kitchen that are currently unheated by the main boiler. The pantry is roughly 4’x9’, and the breakfast room is...
  4. Chrom Artist

    Navien very hot at first

    We have a Navien NB-240 with the Heating set at 82C and DHW set at 45C. When we run the hot water, the first minute or two comes out scalding hot. After that, it goes to the set temperature. Even when we lower the DHW temp the first minute is still the same. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. WGus

    Stumped by no heat to new heater

    My brain teaser is this: a 60 year old boiler heats 4 one-bedroom apartments and does a fine if inefficient job. However one bathroom has always been cold, so I added two 1/2 inch copper lines, supply line is about 15', to feed a new hydronic kickspace heater. All existing lines from manifolds...
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