1. CommanderDave

    Returning Open Loop Geothermal Water Discharge to Well

    I have an open loop geothermal system that takes water from a deep well in the front yard of my home and discharges it into a pond located on the property. I also have a deep well installed at the pond which is used only to supplement the pond's water level (both wells tap into the same...
  2. Pawpaw

    Short-cycling pump: optimum strategy for particular system

    Hello all, It seems I've been reading a lot on this forum lately, so many thanks already! I'm trying to address a submersible well pump that is short-cycling (58sec on, 28sec off, @9-10.5GPM). I would like to solve the short-cycling in a manner that minimizes the long-term average operating...
  3. Idaho Scott

    Newbie trying to make sense of a 72 deg F artesian spring heat system

    Just bought a large cabin in Southern Idaho that has a continuously flowing 72 degree F. spring with about 20 feet of head (out of the mountain, up behind the home. The original owners piped this water straight into 2 inch PVC that runs in (under) the basement concrete slab of the home and the...
  4. brendams

    Geothermal flow pump electrical dilemma

    I have a Water furnace geothermal system put in about 14 yrs ago. One of my 1/2 hp circulating pumps (240V, single speed) had to be replaced, so I ordered a new one, tested it on a 240VAC circuit (it works fine on it), but when I connect it to the flow center, it doesn't work. It gets 240VAC...
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