1. Dave Millman

    Grounding question: Honda eu7000is generator connected through PG&E backup power transfer meter

    Earlier this year PG&E installed a free backup power transfer meter at our California property (info sheet here). Using the L14-30P cable they supplied, it connects our Honda eu7000is inverter generator (manual) to power the whole house. Overall it works well. We have noticed some odd behavior...
  2. Papote

    Interlock for GE PowerMark plus subpanel

    I have a GE TL412R1P subpanel and would like to use a transfer switch to either accept power from a 30 amp max split phase power generator or a 70 amp max solar inverter into the home breaker panel. Is there a breaker interlock that I can adapt like this to this panel? Like this one I already...
  3. MountainRog

    Whole house generator only powers one sub-panel

    I live in a mountainous area with a lot of snow that takes down power lines frequently. The last owners of the house installed a transfer switch and have a Honda EX 4500 generator that previously powered the entire house (100 Amp service) as long we were judicious about our usage while on...
  4. Jman2012a

    30 Amp Generator output into a 50 Amp inlet.

    I have an existing generator that has a 30 amp outlet, however, my house I recently purchased has a 50 amp power inlet box. The 50 amp circuit breaker in the box has an interlock, so we have protection from that stand point. My question is can I use my generator that feeds 30 amps to the 50 amp...
  5. Dave Millman

    Furnace on generator throwing error code

    I've read some previous threads on generator grounding: My situation is a bit different: We use a portable Honda...
  6. Taylor Love

    Building a Minecraft pixel art generator

    You may already know me as @Terry 's son. A lot of times I'll be there during the upgrades or technical processes around the website. He mainly enjoys plumbing, and I mainly enjoy the software side of things. Of course we both enjoy skiing and karaoke. In my own time, when not busy at work, or...
  7. Muleskinner

    Well pump off of a generator

    Hi! New to the forum, glad to have found you folks. Seems like this might be the right place to ask some questions about what we're trying to do. We have a piece of property on the olympic peninsula that we're building out ourselves and we're attempting to run our three wire well pump off of a...
  8. CarterM

    Rinnai E110CP on Generator Power

    I bought a 11kWH Wen Generator and my uncle who is an electrician wired up a connect from the outside of my house into the panel using an interlock switch. I tested the generator last night and it powers what I need it to. Some lights, refrigerator, well pump and almost the water heater. The...
  9. WallyBell

    Whole House Generator behind workshop subpanel - oops??

  10. mtjag

    Generator won't run well pump

    I am totally off grid. I have a Sentry Pro 11kw back up generator and a Grunfos SQ-410 well pump at about 450' wired through a PumpSaver 233p. This setup has been in place for three years. Last month, I noticed when my generator is running, my well pump shuts off before the pressure switch...
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