1. Ganq

    Water Heater Flue Pipe Making Knocking Sounds

    Hi Everyone, We are in a 2 year old house. Every time the water heater turns on we hear loud knockings sound in the attic. We were able to find the pipe causing it - It's the flue pipe coming out of the water heater on the 1st floor and going up to the attic and having the exhaust out. The pipe...
  2. DysfunctionalVeteran

    Is this flue ok???

    I’m considering buying this new natural gas hot water heater (pic attached). The installation manual states that it requires a double wall type B flue pipe. Short of climbing my roof and taking the cap off, I don’t know if my flue is double wall or not. House was built in 1968 and I took a...
  3. Girafdaniels

    Venting/BackDraft on Rheem Water Heater?

    My carbon monoxide detector went off recently, so I had the gas company out to test levels at our only gas appliances -- 38000 BTU Rheem* water heater and 80% efficient 88000 BTU furnace sharing flue venting. The gas company measured 45 ppm CO at the top of the unit when it was kicked on (and...
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