fill valve

  1. Theyegis

    Toilet fill valve making continuous hissing sound

    Hi all. First time poster here so apologies for any mistakes. My fill valve has recently started to make a pretty steady hissing sound, even when not flushing. Here's the link to two videos to demonstrate this: In the shorter one, you can even see a...
  2. WDR

    Toto fill valve Leak

    I have a TOTO Drake with fill valve TSU24A. The tank will drain, fill as normal, and shut off as normal, but then, it starts a slow leak which gradually increases into the center white tube. After a few moments, it overflows into the tube. Nothing will stop it short of shutting off the water...
  3. NewPlumberKid

    Tangshan Huida, Help Me Identify this Fill Valve

    Fill valves are never an issue for me, they are about as easy to replace as anything in a toilet. Even a newbie like me can do it. Fast forward to today when I came across this specific fill valve. I can not identify it, and I cannot replace it. What is it? It says Tangshan Huida Anti Siphon on it
  4. Dmwesq

    Toilet Hissing Even Though Water Turned Off

    My mother in law had a plumber over today to work on her American Standard toilet. He replaced the fill valve, and then tested the water pressure and said it was reading over 100 psi when it should be about 60 psi. He then replaced the pressure valve on the main water line. I got a late night...
  5. W Che

    Newly repaired toilet fills inconsistently

    Hi folks. I just replaced the fill valve, overflow and flapper on my toilet and ran into some issues when testing the flush. When flushing the toilet it will usually fill to the fill shutoff level and function normally, stopping the flow of water. But for maybe one in four flushes, the toilet...
  6. PaulPal

    Can anyone ID this toilet?

    Can anyone ID this toilet? I need to replace the fill valve, which is 7 and 3/4 inches height with a fill line at 6 and 3/4 inches
  7. CathIS

    Kohler Fill Valve confusion

    I need to to replace the fill valve on my Kohler Cimarron toilet. K3489 (Class 5). There are 2 fill valves available, GP1083167 with a black stem, and GP1138930 with grey stem. My plumbing store insists the 1083167 will work, but the Kohler website says if you currently have the one with the...
  8. carriagehousereno

    Gerber Toilet has a mysterious tank leak, i think?

    I have a gerber toilet in one of my rental properties, it appears to be in good condition but I can hear it filling the tank periodically when it isn't even being used. I replaced the flapper thinking maybe it was leaking, still was filling periodically. I replaced the fill valve thinking...
  9. Nish

    Single Thud sound from cold water pipe by the boiler after flusing

    Hi guys, Thank you in advance for your response and the previous forums on this site. I have read through almost all the water hammer problems that were posted on these threads and I think my problem is slight bit different. I am the first owner of this newly built house in 2007. It has been...
  10. janjacks

    Brand new Korky fill valve leaking

    Hello! I noticed my Toto CST864 was hissing. Turns out, it was over filling. I replaced the cap (R528FL) in the fill valve and cleaned all the parts of the fill valve, and that didn't solve the problem. I put the Fluidmaster 400A valve in, and while it stopped over filling, I wasn't pleased...
  11. ArtBacon

    Does anyone make a fill valve that you can use the chlorine pucks with?

    I've looked at the Fluidmaster and Korky documentation and they both say "Do not use bleach tablets in the toilet tank". Surely, someone must make a valve that'll stand up to the bleach... does anyone know which brand does? Thanks Update 8/3/2020. The "Flush 'n Sparkle" doesn't do a darn...
  12. Winteriscoming

    Old Kohler one piece fill valve

    Hi there, is there any other way to plumb this toilet or do I have to order the expensive parts from Kohler? It must be at least 20years old. The fill valve is literally crumbling apart, thanks.
  13. JSK

    Kohler toilet--fill tube pops out of canister

    HELP! We have several Kohler toilets--they are all about 4 years old now. Shortly after moving into our home we have had the issue of the fill tube popping out of the canister. We have had several plumbers come, usually they just try to stick it back in with some goop. We replaced the...
  14. Kid Genius

    Plumbing(Fill Valve) Issue?

    Well I don't know much about toilets but I know something is wrong. I have a Korky 528 fill valve and a overflow tube that isn't the right height. I don't know what to do in order to cut it or what to do about the fill valve. It makes a hissing sound and at random times of the day it will over...
  15. Flapper

    Ballcock vs Float

    It seems that everyone replaces their ballcock valves with float cup valves, but why? Are float cup valves more reliable? Or are they quieter? Or are they just more convenient because of their form factor? I would think ballcock valves are more reliable because they are simpler and they have all...
  16. Kalex

    Ofuro tub in Massachusetts

    I purchased a wooden Japanese Ofuro tub, hand made. These are allowed in seemingly every state but MA. That I did not know... The tub is planned in a wet-room with separate shower with mixing valve. Room tiled with drain. Separate control for tub, drain from tub onto floor/drain. The...
  17. Laraby

    TOTO Drake II fill valve adjustment

    Hi, we have a Toto Drake II 454. I'd like the bowl to fill a little higher and wonder if I can adjust that. I've attached photo. It seems the tank water level is more than 1/2 inch below top of overflow. I see a white plastic "screw" thing on top of fill valve. Is that how I adjust the water...
  18. MyDucky

    Fill Valve assistance please!

    My husband isn't handy with plumbing and I'm undergoing chemo and shouldn't even attempt a plumbing DIY....... I noticed a week ago that my toilet was flushing fine, but the bowl wasn't filling up. I found the answer here on another post and checked my boys' toilet and sure enough the fill tube...
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