1. I

    Help ID softener brand / model / error code

    Hello, I'm trying to help my landlord sort out the well & softener system at my home. The house has been suffering from low pressure/flow so the landlord had the well guy come out. Well guy came out and said the softener wasn't working and we'd have to get someone over to service the...
  2. ShawnW123

    Navien NHB Series Boiler - Error Code 291

    I have a Navien NHB series boiler that produces an error code 291 about 5 minutes into its call for heat. Boiler fires, pump activates, hot water begins to flow and the temp readout gets to 104 (which is the setting for this unit as it is heating a cement garage slab). I spoke to a Navien tech...
  3. Jeffrey Bennett

    Goodman GDT090-4B

    Looking for advice. My Goodman GDT090-4B furnace is not operating consistently. Sometimes it will not light and display a single flash error code. Sometimes it will light and run for a minute or two then the flame turns off and it will display a single flash error code. According to the manual...
  4. rustlerski

    111 Error - Takagi TH-3

    This morning I found myself with no hot water and found the 111 error on my Takagi TH-3. It sounds like the gas valve solenoids are functioning and I believe I hear the ignitor very faintly (hard to hear over the unit). I'm not seeing any spark or flame. I've had the unit about 22 months and...
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