1. H

    Protecting Brick Inside Finished Walls

    Hello- Seeking some advice or suggestions. I've completely stripped down a small bedroom in my house, revealing the raw brick that lay hidden behind the walls. As I proceed with the project, which involves insulating and adding new drywall, I would greatly appreciate a recommendation regarding...
  2. J.A.R.V.I.S.

    Mounting Many Big Mirrors to Basement Walls on ICF Foundation?

    I'd like to mount six 7'x3' mirrors along a basement wall. I planned to use J-mold for the bottom, and clips along the top. The wall is drywall mounted to ICF, not studs. These are thick mirrors for a gym so I'm concerned about weight. Do all brands of ICF blocks have load-bearing mounting...
  3. Nate2

    Can't Find Source of Shower Enclosure Leak

    I have a builder-grade framed shower enclosure that is leaking water near bottom drywall and baseboard. Shower is 14 years old. I recapped suspected area on and around shower door and frames with clear silicone and then after drying 3 days water tested area and it did not leak. I thought I I...
  4. muilebon

    Range hood duct clearance to joists & drywall

    The hood duct needs to run through kitchen ceiling and vent out in a wall (not roof). My joists are 2 x 8 with the ceiling drywall dating back to the 1950s. What is the max duct diameter I can install in my joists space? Is there any clearance (air gap) consideration between the pipe and joists...
  5. Redleg13B

    Old Drywall Joint Tape Visible On Ceiling

    Greetings, I am nearing the end of my bathroom remodel and I'm a bit lost on how to address the joint tape showing on the ceiling. It's some pretty old drywall, and the tape itself doesn't seem to be peeling or bulging, it's just very noticeable. The paint on the ceiling has begun to chip and...
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