cycle stop valve

  1. dryhero

    Pressure Tank Plumbing Genius Think Tank

    Long time lurker and over-thinker. Mad respect for the Terry Love forum, I consider it the most competent, old-school experts with wrenches older than some plumbers. What also draws me in are the elegant solutions members come up with. Both of my 82 gal. pressure tank bladders failed (months...
  2. Greenmountain

    One well, two pumps, CSV set up?

    I have two houses on one well. Currently have a pump in the well pressurizing a pressure tank in the lower house. Have one CSV currently mounted just above the well pump. Pressure switch cuts in around 42psi and cuts out around 62psi. The main waterline from the well tees off to each house...
  3. Pawpaw

    Short-cycling pump: optimum strategy for particular system

    Hello all, It seems I've been reading a lot on this forum lately, so many thanks already! I'm trying to address a submersible well pump that is short-cycling (58sec on, 28sec off, @9-10.5GPM). I would like to solve the short-cycling in a manner that minimizes the long-term average operating...
  4. Mindquake

    Shallow Well Jet & CSV Kit Help!

    Great info here. Glad I stumbled on it. Thanks to all!! I’ve got a 2400 gal. water storage tank as my water source. My issue pertains to pumping water from this storage tank up to the pump/pressure tank combo unit at the house 50-ft away. The intake line runs 3” underground, level for 50ft...
  5. Rick Sticks

    My first system.... Help!?

    Hello all thank you for welcoming me to this wonderful forum. I am designing a system for on-demand water and low pressure, low volume irrigation throughout a 1 acre property. My desired flow and pressure is about 15-20 gpm@ 30 or 35 psi thereabouts. The well is a 45’ length of 2” pvc in a 60’...
  6. Michael Young


    Supposedly this thing can replace the traditional pressure tank setup. Is anybody using? I'm thinking to try this thing, and if it works well, I'll move away from the traditional setup. Why would I use a 20-gallon pressure tank if a 2-gallon pressure tank + cycle stop valve will get the job done.
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