bathroom sink

  1. P

    Help with sink plumbing

    Hello, I am having some difficulty replacing the sink drain in my bathroom as well as the P trap and such. After taking a wrench to the joint to try and twist it off, the thing was so old and crusted together that it didn’t budge, instead the whole p trap and drain broke off just under the sink...
  2. DIYduncemaster

    Trying to replace s trap with p trap

    Hey there! Like to start by saying ive found this site super helpful over the past year + and this is my first post, so any advice/help is greatly appreciated. Ive got a second floor bathroom with an incredibly slow draining (almost stagnant) S trap im attempting to swap out for a p trap...
  3. wildermind

    Where to source CHROME DRUM Trap?

    Hi there, We have an old sink with a corroded/leaking drum trap -- a wall-mounted sink with plumbing exposed. The drum trap is chrome and our plumber spec'd in his estimate to replace it with a chrome drum trap -- saying it would cost $150. I am going to do some of the work myself and so...
  4. Jimjr

    Basement Bathroom Sink Questions

    Hello, I have two questions about our basement bathroom sink plumbing. I’ve attached three pictures to show the plumbing. The first picture shows that the sink drains vertically into a cast iron pipe in the floor. [This is how the builder’s plumber did the rough in.] The second picture...
  5. adulting

    Push button sink drain stuck closed

    I have a push button bathroom sink drain that is stuck down. (way down, about 1/4" below the outer ring) I can not get it to release, and can not get it to unscrew while depressed. The drain and sink are only about 4 months old. Is there a way to fix this? Or do I need to replace the whole...
  6. Peggy Noland

    Two Oval Holes in Sink Drain Pipe

    In our bathroom sinks, when I took the stopper out, I noticed two oval holes near the top of the drain pipe (one on either side). The holes are above the thread area for the stopper. Does anyone know what these holes are and what they are there for? Do they drain down into the drain pipe...
  7. Terrence Evans

    Corian bathroom sink - overflow adapter leak

    Hi all - I'm a first timer to this forum and looking for a little advice. Also, a DIY'er and bit of a novice. I have a 20 year old Corian counter/sink in the bathroom that has developed a leak in the adapter that goes between the bottom of the drain and the pop up assembly. This adapter also...
  8. CalebRobertsonUSA

    HOW TO FIX??

    Hey guys and girls, I’m new to plumbing and I have a bathroom I am remodeling. I have a basic understanding/knowledge about plumbing, but far from an expert. How would you fix this dated plumbing mess? If you could attach links to parts that would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Trying to...
  9. PlumbingNovice35

    Sink Cartridge Replacement

    Hello, have a small sink in a half-bath on my first floor -- no hot water, only cold. I am trying to replace the cartridge, and this is what it looks like when I take it apart -- at this point, I'm uncertain and can't find a YouTube video that looks like mine. Do I need a tool that fits inside...
  10. johnjward

    Drip under bathroom sink

    Hi everyone. I know nothing about sinks or plumbing so hence here I am. Yesterday I was plunging my bathroom sink because it was clogged up. Afterwards I noticed that under the sink there was water. A hole at the bottom of the sink is where it's coming from. I assume the hole has a purpose...
  11. DiyChristopher

    How to remove old style slotted tailpiece nut?

    This is under a bathroom sink and is too thin to grab with my basin wrench, and too close to the edge as well. I also tried tapping one of the slots with a long screwdriver and hammer. Is there a special tool or workaround for this? Photo enclosed. Thanks!
  12. Henry Ramsey

    Bathroom sink tailpiece rubber gasket will not fit properly

    So I have a bathroom sink I just installed with new tile countertop etc. Standard Kohler Glacier Bay sink from Home Depot. Original glued in pipe had a 45 bend in it which was not allowing the new sink to align with it. Cut all of that off and installed new plumbing from wall out. I put the...
  13. Henri232

    How to remove this Sigma escutcheon

    I need to replace the 1/4 turn ceramic cartridge on this bathroom faucet. I easily removed the handle that is fastened with two small allen screws. There are no wrench flats to unscrew the escutcheon and its bell shape will not allow any kind of tool to be used. I have tried to unscrew it with...
  14. Tintin

    Connecting PVC to ABS and Fernco for an adapter

    I'm trying to connect a PVC bathroom sink trap to ABS drain pipe in the wall. The PVC is 1 1/4" and the drain is 1 1/2". So, I have a couple of questions--can I make this connection with a Fernco and do they have a transition size adapter or because it's flexible would 1 1/2" work and I could...
  15. Leticia Worrell

    Recommended height of bathroom sink

    I am about to fit a bathroom vanity unit with a sink which is set in a work surface Can anyone tell me if there is a recommended height to adjust the unit too regards Leticia
  16. Paul Chambers

    Seal sink overflow?

    Hi All, This newbie would appreciate any suggestions. Bought house with super modern stainless steel bathroom sink. When the line connecting the overflow hole to the main drain started leaking, I saw that the previous owners had just jerry-rigged some plastic conduit there, which had cracked...
  17. Greg Compestine

    Problem with smelly sinks

    Hello, We have an odor in our master bath that's like old gym clothes. It seems to come from the two sinks. When the bathroom is closed up, it takes a few hours for the odor to build up, and it gets worse when the weather is cool and damp. I've flushed the overflow and the drain with chlorine...
  18. Dave1017

    Bathroom Sink P-trap backup and glug sound "un-vented"

    i recently installed a new bathroom sink with a p trap. As soon as I turn the water on the sink starts to backup and the water drain very slowly. When it is done draining it makes several glug glug sounds. There are no clogs. I would assume it is air in the line, but how do I fix it? It's...
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