bathroom drain venting

  1. K

    New basement plumbing layout

    Hi, I am looking for some feedback on the proposed layout. I would like to add a basement bathroom and kitchenette. Bathroom will be located underneath the main floor bathroom, next to main stack and main vent. Bathroom will have shower, lavatory, toilet. Kitchenette in next room will have a...
  2. C

    Garage Apartment Drain and Venting Plan Questions with Diagram

    I have built a two-story garage apartment, and I am ready for running DWV pipes. I have five fixtures, which I believe are called branch intervals, so pretty sure a vent stack is required. Most of my runs, except possibly the kitchen, which is in a wall 5 feet away, are under the minimum length...
  3. Amandeep Singh

    Bathroom Accessories for Lavashing Bathroom Look

    Like other rooms of the house, A bathroom needs attention and attractiveness. Your home hygiene depends on the washroom. Every guest will definitely notice the restroom's condition and equipment. The bathroom is not complete without essential equipment. In another sense, you can say all the...
  4. quantumbass

    Venting and routing for a recovery replacement of pipes

    Hello, I had to have my original copper drain pipes pulled, and I am trying to pick up where my house was left after someone bailed on me. The short of it was that a copper 2" pipe went through the HVAC return duct right over the HVAC main stack with a failing joint there, so it was supposed to...
  5. Miko5

    Sewer gas smell coming from wall under vanity?

    Hi all, hoping someone can help me. I'm handy but usually leave plumbing to someone who knows better than me what they are doing (more of a carpentry girl myself, though I fixed all the other toilets in the house that just needed new gaskets and valves, etc). I had someone in to fix one toilet...
  6. BranhamFoley

    Is ejector Pit vent enough?

    Attached is my idea for the basement bathroom I'm installing. I was wondering do I need a vent like shown beyond the sink? Or is the ejector pump vent enough for all the fixtures. I'm never selling my home so I need to know what will work safely more than "code".
  7. itsfaygopop

    Bath group venting and drain

    I want to make sure that I set up my bath group correctly. It's 100 year old home, everything is tight and the floor space and joist spacing under the bathgroup is tight. Double sink vent is 1-1/2" Tub and toilet is 2". They later into a 3" that terminate at the roof. My sketchup skills are...
  8. Hdmapp

    Changing Existing Basement Rough-in pumping help

    Hey all, I’ve been watching this forum for a while and have gotten tons of helpful tips and information to reflect on, however now I need some of your help to figure out if my plumping is a good fit. My basement came with a rough in but in builder fashion they put it all close together in a...
  9. Maack

    New bathroom drain venting

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