back pressure

  1. Pawpaw

    Short-cycling pump: optimum strategy for particular system

    Hello all, It seems I've been reading a lot on this forum lately, so many thanks already! I'm trying to address a submersible well pump that is short-cycling (58sec on, 28sec off, @9-10.5GPM). I would like to solve the short-cycling in a manner that minimizes the long-term average operating...
  2. redwire

    Serious back pressure to the well

    Ok, I Live in Florida. The pump is in a shed. I have lots of pressure before check valve at the well. It will blast water at the connector (see picture). Only laymen's knowledge here, shouldn't all the pressure be after the pump not before? There is no pump in the well. Any help is appreciated. Dry
  3. Matt bryniarski

    Brand new submersible well pump barely pumping when running

    I purchase a 1hp 3wire 10gpm pump from tractor supply to replace the old pump that siezed up. The old wine was 3/4hp. When I installed the new one, water barely pumped to the surface, less than a weak garden hose. The well is 80feet deep, the pump is at 71feet down and the water table is at 10...
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