1. Dbohn75

    Bosch Aquastar 125FX LP Water Heater Not Working

    I have a second tankless heater in our home and it has worked great for a number of years. Over the last few months it has randomly stopped lighting and now will not light at all. I have cleaned the pilot and burners, replaced the main water valve and have tried to bypass the pilot by using a...
  2. JodyLyne

    Aquastar 125 leak

    I just did a descale on my Aquastar 125blp tankless water heater. After cleaning the inlet water filter, I reconnected the inlet line using the old gasket. It leaks a lot. Wondering if an old gasket could cause a major leak like that or if I torqued the connection too much and damaged the...
  3. aktartt

    Aquastar 170 way too hot!

    My Aquastar 170 natural gas tankless has been working faithfully since about 1985. My handyman recently descaled it, and since then the water output has been way too hot. It's been several years since the temperature control knob had any effect, but I've always managed to add enough cold water...
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