1. Schipperke

    Plastic Bushing Cracked

    Bradford White electric , installed about month ago. Went to utility closet and noticed this plastic part has cracked. Is anything bad going on? It was fine when installed
  2. Chet S.

    Anode difference between Rheem models?

    Looking at the Rheem gas models at H.D. Does the platinum model with the 12 year warranty have an additional anode vs the performance plus with the 6 year warranty? My understanding is B.W. just gives a longer warranty, no additional anode. My State heater is 18 years old. I replaced the anode...
  3. Timothy Young

    Gas Water Heater: Good News / Bad News

    Good news is my heater has a 10 year warranty. Bad news is that it expired 25 years ago, and is leaking. Are there any tips on selecting a new high quality heater? Is there any difference between manufactures? Is a longer warranty worth the extra $$#'s or should I go with a shorter warranty &...
  4. TheOverThinker

    Anode rod rusted in place... is there such a thing as an inline anode for copper?

    Ok, I have these old tanks from 1993. The anode rods are a ball of rust, but the tanks do not leak. They're Rheem Rheemglas Standard 668H-120-T. What's my best course: leave the tanks be, or try to get some anode material into some other port on the tank? Is an "external anode" a possibility...
  5. Ĝan Ŭesli Starling

    Bradford White Anode Inspection

    Here near Holland MI, the local vendor Baumann & DeGroot installed my Bradford White, power-vented gas water heater without any unions. On a Bradford White water heater, the sacrificial anode is integral with the hot water outlet. And so, for lack of a union, the sacrificial anode cannot be...
  6. Jerry Roy

    Tankless Anode?

    Hello, Is there a solution for Tankless water heaters that don't have an anode? I saw at one time seen a link to an installable electric anode and thought it might be a solution. I don't have rotten egg smell but my tank is being eaten alive. I have had to clear out faucets from large scale...
  7. Jaredpapa

    Reliance 606 Element Leaking

    Based on the various guides on this website, I'm probably looking at replacing my water heater. But this is a last ditch effort to do some DIY before calling a repair tech or dropping hundreds on a new tank. One month ago the lower element starting leaking rusty looking water. So I replaced the...
  8. ChopperRS

    Smelly hot water even after new anode rod

    I was having issues with a rotten egg smell in my hot water and replaced the anode rod. Although the rod had a dark scummy coating on it, it had not been reduced in length or thickness. With the new rod n place, I had almost two weeks of smell free water, but now the rotten egg smell has...
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