How do I shock chloride a 2" deep well with packer ?

    Can I pour the chloride solution directly down though the casing adapter into the suction pipe ? My casing adapter is pretty rusty, really do not want to take it off. Just wondering if maybe I can add a "T" fitting to the return line as the jet pump is offset from the casing adapter - so that...
  2. GardenRox

    Which Adapter for Fancy Kitchen Faucet to Garden Hose?

    If connections can be gendered, and mine is MALE, I would have to say also that mine has a foreskin. Everything I see for connecting a household faucet to a garden hose shows a threaded area that is immediately accessible to the connector, not distanced by a span of smooth metal (as you can see...
  3. dh37

    PVC: How attach Schedule 40 4" to Type-C tele-duct?

    I need to extend some 4" PVC drainage pipe. The problem I'm having is that the existing pipe is "Type C" ("tele-duct"). It has a slightly different outer diameter (4.350") than a typical PVC pipe (e.g. Schedule 40, 4.50"). I've only been able to find one possible "Type C to Schedule 40" adapter...
  4. garrett1199

    OUTSIDE SPIGOT 7/8inch?? help!

    Replacing an outside leaky faucet. Problem is the piping coming off the house is ~7/8inch (I tried both half inch and 1 inch just to try). They do not sell outside faucet in a 7/8inch so I started looking for an adapter but really having no luck on that front. Could someone link an adapter or...
  5. Chloe85

    Adapter won't come off kitchen faucet

    I purchased a portable washing machine. Before installing the hoses to the kitchen faucet, I removed the aerator from the faucet, then I screwed the adapter (that came with the washing machine) onto the faucet. Now I'm returning the washer and am unable to remove the adapter from the faucet...
  6. chieanne

    110V air purifier with an adapter 100-240V

    I purchased an air purifier printed 110V. It has a power adapter of 100-240V. Can I use the air purifier with a power supply of 220-240V? Is the adapter also a converter or transformer? I’m really confused.
  7. Pczacz

    1/2 to 15/16 adapter

    Where can I find something that will allow me to attach an attachment meant for a standard sink faucet to a standard shower? I believe I need 1/2 to 15/16 female female. I know the 1/2 is right, but not positive about the 15/16. Does this just not exist? Do I need to use two adapters to achieve...
  8. BrettC

    Generic Resin Tank with a Culligan Control Head

    I have a Culligan Gold Series Water Softener system. My resin tank (9x48) was leaking and I bought a generic replacement. Of course, the resin tank adapter/coupler (which sits between the tank and the control head) has a different thread size (propriety to Culligan) than the generic tank...
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