aav on sink

  1. DIYduncemaster

    Trying to replace s trap with p trap

    Hey there! Like to start by saying ive found this site super helpful over the past year + and this is my first post, so any advice/help is greatly appreciated. Ive got a second floor bathroom with an incredibly slow draining (almost stagnant) S trap im attempting to swap out for a p trap...
  2. JSwift

    Double kitchen sink slow draining after disposal trap installed.

    I have a dual kitchen sink with recently installed drain plumbing that is not draining slowly (pictures below). Prior to the new plumbing the AAV was about 10” above the top of the lateral line into the wall (where it goes to a 90° and into the slab). The disposal had no trap, it was a straight...
  3. 24SevnLibrarian

    Connecting Threaded ABS to PVC

    Hi, all! I am living in my grandmother's old house, and I changed out the bathroom sink when I repurposed a dresser as the new vanity. As part of the updates, I am adding an AAV, because the lavatory is too far from the vent pipe. The new sink is several inches to the right of where the previous...
  4. Tom Tester

    Drain for slop sink in basement

    I would like to add a slop sink to my basement. The first pic shows existing layout with Studor vent on top of a 1 1/2" vent, and rough in for shower/bathtub as well as bathroom sink drain rough in. the second pic shows the slop sink roughly on the place I want it with a wye just sitting on...
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