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  1. JWelectric

    Kitchen in basement - two circuits

    all counter top receptacles need GFCI protection
  2. JWelectric

    How does the Receptacle , the wiring, CB and code Relate?

    Cord and plug is a disconnect. If I take a fused disconnect and want to install 20 amp fuses I must use a 30 amp disconnect as this is the smallest made. What I can’t do is install 35 am fuses in that 30 amp disconnect, I must go to a 60 amp disconnect for those 35 amp fuses. Most homes will...
  3. JWelectric

    How does the Receptacle , the wiring, CB and code Relate?

    It is known as load diversity same reason we are allowed to take only forth percent of our service load for anything over ten KW.
  4. JWelectric

    Sauna Heater Rewire

    If the manufacture of your system does not have an external set up then one should not be attempted
  5. JWelectric

    Kitchen Island install

    must use UF cable or a conductor that has TW on it
  6. JWelectric

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas one and all
  7. JWelectric

    Ground to neutral question, mobile home

    If the green insulated wire is going to the inside panel then it MUST be in the same conduit as the other conductors. As far as the bare copper conductor It is required to have a main bonding jumper to connect the Equipment Grounding Conductor (EGC), The panel enclosure, the grounding electrode...
  8. JWelectric

    Need a solution for portable generator and panel.

    read the last page of this link
  9. JWelectric

    Need a solution for portable generator and panel.

    If the EGC (equipment grounding conductor) is in parallel with the neutral then the GFCI won’t hold. Neutral and EGC bonded to frame and again in the service equipment is paralleled. If the neutral is lifted from the frame of the generator then there is no fault clearing path for the GFCI device...
  10. JWelectric

    Need a solution for portable generator and panel.

    UL will not list a generator that does not have the neutral bonded to the frame that has receptacles mounted to the frame. The NEC says that any portable generator that has the receptacles mounted to the frame is to be installed as a SDS meaning that the transfer has to switch the neutral...
  11. JWelectric

    Need a solution for portable generator and panel.

    A 30 amp generator is not going to give very clean power so the meter is mostly a waste of time. If it is a new generator this setup will not work as the GFCI device on the generator will trip.
  12. JWelectric

    Garage sub panel wiring

    No problem running two circuits in the same conduit the problem is running two circuits to one building. 225.30 says one branch circuit or one feeder per building being served.
  13. JWelectric

    Garage sub panel wiring

    If you use a #6 or smaller then the neutral will be required to be white from end to end 200.6 and the equipment grounding conductor will be required to be green or bare from end to end 250.119. 225.31 requires that there be a disconnecting means at the building that turns off all hot circuits...
  14. JWelectric

    Garage sub panel wiring

    60 amp breaker with a 60 amp main panel in building, 2-#6 THW, 1-#8 THW and 1-#10 THW. Must install two ground rods at building
  15. JWelectric

    LG LMU369HV

    #14 THW conductor 25 amp fuse or breaker A receptacle within 25 feet of unit
  16. JWelectric

    Boat Dock Electrical Issue

    There is an old belief that current follows the path of least resistance and that current can leak to earth. Both of these are false. Think of a printed circuit board and the number of paths for current to flow in one. Current will flow in every one of those paths of the PC board and the amount...
  17. JWelectric

    Water pipe grounding

    Electrical systems are connected to earth for four reasons as outlined in 250.4(A)(1) and life safety is not one of them. An earth connection in no way makes an electrical system safe and does nothing to clear a fault. Using Ohm’s Law we can figure just how much current would flow through earth...
  18. JWelectric

    Sub Panel Install Question

    What size is this 100 amp capable aluminum wire?
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