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  1. Jonathon

    Why is kitchen sink on an outside wall?

    When my brother built his new house he opted for one of those stoves with the center downdraft vent that ran the exhaust back and up through the wall / through the attic and out through the roof. One day his wife was cooking smokey-link sausages when one of 'em swelled up and popped grease into...
  2. Jonathon

    Why is kitchen sink on an outside wall?

    Well, dang. I was hoping to learn something that was somewhat logical. :) It probably has a lot to do with the 'lady-of-the-house' making design decisions and just wants to watch the kids outside while she's peeling the potatoes. I know from personal experience that I've done a lot of...
  3. Jonathon

    Why is kitchen sink on an outside wall?

    It has occurred to me many times over the years that putting the kitchen sink against an outside wall seems to have been the standard design for many decades and I still wonder why? Dad built his new house in 1954 and put the sink on an outside wall and so for all the years of his life he had...
  4. Jonathon

    Grounding to a cold water pipe?

    Is it still within NEC guidelines to ground electric lines to a cold water pipe? The reason I ask is because I'd often get shocked while taking a shower in an apartment that I used to rent. Not a jolt, but a strong 60-cycle tingle if you touched the water valves. I suspect that other...
  5. Jonathon

    Mold in water supply pipes

    I had a similar (same) problem when I lived in a rural neighborhood north of Indianapolis. White fungus would grow in all the toilet tanks and anyplace where the water supply would get oxygen. Home tracts were minimum 3 acres, very nice large homes in developed area adjacent to hundreds of...
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