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  1. Ameds613

    Bathroom floor waterproofing options (and repairs)

    the subfloor is 2 layers of 5/8" plywood. I'll be layer new tile over it. If using a membrane is my only option, should I lay the membrane down on the whole floor, even under the fibreglass shower pan? Or should I just start it from the pan and put some sealant in the gap?
  2. Ameds613

    Bathroom floor waterproofing options (and repairs)

    Part of a bathroom remodel, I am removing an old prefab shower enclosure and replacing it with a new one. I am also replacing the tile floors. I noticed some water damage at both corners of the old shower base. I have 2 questions for this community of expert diy'ers. 1- What are my options...
  3. Ameds613

    Can I bypass my pressure tank?

    My water is supplied by a well, and I have a bladder pressure tank and pressure switch set up. I am trying to think of options to avoid or reduce short cycling when using my irrigation or filling up hot tub (large volumes of water). I know they sell a device called a cycle stop valve, which is...
  4. Ameds613

    Questions on installing timer switch

    here is a more clear picture of the box before installing the timer. The timer i added has 4 wires (hot, load, neutral and ground). Am i within the allowable limit? box is 2.5" deep
  5. Ameds613

    Questions on installing timer switch

    jadnashua - funny you mention it... I am not the original owner and did not wire the box. I did notice it was wrapped backwards. I wired the new timer correctly, however. Just for my own knowledge, what can happen if the connections and wrapped counter clockwise? Should I switch them all?
  6. Ameds613

    Sump pump float switch under inlet

    I had to replace my pump and was limited to the orientation of how the pump sits in the sump. The manual says not to put the float switch directly under the water inlet. Mine is 0retty close to directly under it. Why is this discouraged? Should I try to reconfigure my set up?
  7. Ameds613

    Cleaning RO membrane help

    Hi all, I unknowingly had my water softener set to bypass for about 1 month. We have pretty hard water in the area so I fear that I may have strained or damaged the RO membrane. I need some advice on weather it is recommended to clean the membrane. Based on what I read online, a backflush is...
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