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  1. storm62

    Glacier Bay . Strange Bathroom Faucet Question

    Hello All We bought our house 7 months ago and about 2 months ago I came home from shopping and noticed my bathroom sink faucet the hot side was running (not full) but on running--When i went to turn it off the handle was already on off position and the water was still coming out! I shut the...
  2. storm62

    Central AC question

    Hello all I asked this question a while back but no clear answers so i wanted to put the question back out there--My question is we live in AZ its dry the AC is off now for the winter months however if i turn the AC unit on (Our winters are in the 70s) the unit fires right up no issues.. When...
  3. storm62

    Cold water feed on Gas hot water tank

    It leaves the cold water feed and ends up outside just hanging next to pressure relief pipe..
  4. storm62

    Cold water feed on Gas hot water tank

    The pipe comes off cold water feed and goes out the wall like a drain next to pressure relief pipe drain!
  5. storm62

    Cold water feed on Gas hot water tank

    Hello all I was looking at my hot water tank and noticed at the top where the cold feed connects to the top of the tank there is another smaller copper line that is connected to the feed which goes out the side of the house next to the pressure relief pipe! Any ideas! If needed i can send a pic...
  6. storm62

    Hydro Quad 1054 water softener question

    Hello everyone Just wanted to ask a question about my 7 yr old water softener-I noticed just after a regeneration cycle my water pressure gets real low i can hear thumping inside the softener.. This goes on for about 5 mins or so then we have full 100% pressure until the next regeneration...
  7. storm62

    Hello I took the tank off the bowl and looked at the tank closely I noticed a chip the size of...

    Hello I took the tank off the bowl and looked at the tank closely I noticed a chip the size of my Thumb nail right where the flapper valve assy seal sits in the tank!!! The seal covered the chip--However it was seeping past.. So the Problem was below the flapper.. Unbelievable! Thanks so much...
  8. storm62

    Toilet Question

    I would push the flapper clearly into place and turn off the water for an hour and see what happens. I did that just what you said about an hour ago--And BINGO the water level didnt move a hair off the water line?? Now what? How many times to i have to do that?? LOL Amazed!! Thanks for that...
  9. storm62

    Toilet Question

    Ok i will work on the photos for you..
  10. storm62

    Toilet Question

    Wow thank you so much!! Awesome! I did everything you said! When this all started about a week ago- I changed the flapper--No big deal--Cleaned the flapper valve (It was clean).. Same problem slow tank drain... So i went out and bought a Korky Flapper drain valve repair kit--Simple! The kit...
  11. storm62

    Toilet Question

    Hello everyone Well today I changed the entire Guts of my Tank-All new--And would you believe I cant make this crap up--The tank level is still dropping!!!!! When i had the tank off it looked perfect no cracks no problems--No leaks on the floor everything is dry!!!! The tank fills to the fill...
  12. storm62

    Toilet Question

    Thanks!! Yeah the chain is fine and no water leaking outside the tank! I just checked the tank again the level is the same 1/2 tank its not draining anymore.. The only thing.. I cant think of anything else? Everything is still underwater and the draining stopped at 1/2 The only thing thats...
  13. storm62

    Toilet Question

    Hello Everyone I have an issue with one of my Bathroom Toilets.. The tank slowly drains and you here it fill at different times of the day or night.. So here is what i did--Installed New Flapper Flapper valve is clean and good. Still tank level drains! I even bought a Korky repair kit for the...
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