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  1. Drewski83

    Do I need an air gap at the washing machine drain if an AAV valve is installed nearby

    Sorry in advance. I searched before I posted this and couldn't find anything in case it has been asked before. This washing machine drain has no air gap, but it does have an AAV directly above it. Would this negate the need for an air gap where the drain hose enters the standpipe, or do I still...
  2. Drewski83

    Possible lead water service line?

    It was built in 1930, but ill try the knife on it. Thank you
  3. Drewski83

    Possible lead water service line?

    Looking at a house to buy and was wondering if this looked like a lead water line coming up out of the floor. Thanks for any help with this
  4. Drewski83

    S trap, connected to a garbage disposal

    S trap connected to a garbage disposal? Does this make any difference or is it still wrong? Also this is on a kitchen island. Does this need to be corrected and what is the best option for a drain on an island like this ? Thanks for any help
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