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  1. ActionDave

    No neutral at light fixture?

    There is a neutral in there. For wiring that old it may not be easy to find.
  2. ActionDave

    Wiring a double oven.

    You can buy reducing washers. I think big orange has them.
  3. ActionDave

    Quad breaker in 42 space box?

    Nope. The buss will not accept the breaker. There is nothing wrong with pigtailing two lightly loaded homeruns together and putting them on one breaker to free up a space, or in you case a Homeline breaker is listed for two wires of the same guage.
  4. ActionDave

    Wiring a double oven.

    I would be surprised if it was #4 unless it's aluminium. If it is copper it's most likely #6. They make big blue wire nuts to connect wire that size. The cook top should have a breaker size for you in the manual.
  5. ActionDave

    Garage sub panel wiring

    OOOPS! I forgot you can't run two circuits. I was trying to stay away from MWBC. You should have given me a dope slap.
  6. ActionDave

    Garage sub panel wiring

    Just run two circuits on 20A single pole breakers with 12AWG wires.
  7. ActionDave

    New basement electrical circuit

    That's what I would do too. For the top of the conduit a plastic bushing or a connector or coupling works fine.
  8. ActionDave

    Wiring a double oven.

    Electric oven or gas?
  9. ActionDave

    New siding, lost power to 2nd floor

    You have at least eighty year old wire inside the walls of your house and you spent all your money on siding for the outside of the wall...........sigh. The 4-25V on the lights is meaningless. It is a by-product of the sensitive electronics of a digital meter. Reach4 has a similar technique...
  10. ActionDave

    2 wire to a 3 wire outlet

    Yes, it is. But by the time you go through the effort you might as well pull a new romex, or just use GFCI protection on the existing circuit.
  11. ActionDave

    Garage door grounded?

    Sounds like it might be old BX wiring which had a metal sheath. Might be rusted up or a bad connection along the circuit.
  12. ActionDave

    LG LMU369HV

    If what you mean by a 30 amp #10 circuit is 10AWG wire tied to a 30A breaker then you would be using bigger wire than what is needed and/or required tied to a breaker that is too big. Too big of a wire size is a waste of money. Not a big deal. Too big of a breaker. That is a bigger problem.
  13. ActionDave

    Boat Dock Electrical Issue

    I agree with Stuff.
  14. ActionDave

    Mobile home electrical issue.

    Because it's a very bad connection. You have enough juice to make your voltmeter work but if you try and do as little as make one Christmas light work you got nothing.
  15. ActionDave

    Mobile home electrical issue.

    You have lost on leg of your power. Probably from your underground feed to the home.
  16. ActionDave

    No grounding wire...

    Unless you want to start rewiring the whole house you have done all there is to do.
  17. ActionDave

    Problem or not?

    It's possible that if the 60A breaker had a bunch of load on it from other spots in the house that it would trip before the smaller branch circuit breaker that the iron was on.
  18. ActionDave

    Lightening strike aftermath

    On Tesla..... If you invent the most useful form of energy ever seen in all of humanity and wind up eating out of dumpster in the back alleys of New York City because you the only thing you cared about was sending up a lightning bolt that would change the Earth's atmosphere, that's a you problem.
  19. ActionDave

    Stubborn Light Fixture

    Try lifting and turning the bottom piece of glass until it will slide out without breaking and cutting you....take out the bulb and any screws you see inside there.
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