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  1. LakeDwellerMN

    Rusty Water - Pump Placement?

    That looks like my water filling the sink in my basement! ;) We switched to a 5 micron 3-stage (sediment/iron/carbon) from a 5 micron 2-stage (sediment/carbon) 4.5x10 "big blue" filter. - Noticed our water heater anode was shot after 3 years - Even though the 2-stage made a huge difference...
  2. LakeDwellerMN

    Increasing domestic water pressure

    We run a 30/50 pressure switch with our 20gal tank at our cabin. It is perfectly fine for what we use it for. A relative who is a plumber (and not a "weekend warrior") informed us that running less than 25psi is a headache (under sink water filters NEED 40psi quite often) and more than 75-80psi...
  3. LakeDwellerMN

    Why are storage tanks always before water treatment?

    I saw storage tanks used in locations like LLigetfa mentioned, where demand can exceed the pump/supply capacity for a period fo time. I saw this in a town in Mexico where the church added one in an attempt (successfully) to address that very issue. Sediment and cleaning was handled through a...
  4. LakeDwellerMN

    Tank and Pressure upgrade?

    If your water supply is that nasty, you may want to look at a spin-down filter before the tank. 100 micron would be the absolute finest I would go with. I know of a plumber who put a spin-down before an above ground jet pump. I do NOT recommend this ... at least he did this after the check...
  5. LakeDwellerMN

    Where to get a fair price on well pump, pipe, wire, controls

    I have had good luck with pumps (and technical support) from RC Worst. That said, they are not "cheap", but, they are also easy to talk to over the phone and via email. You get good insight and service from them. As far as wire and such, you really should not go "no-name" cheap on those. I...
  6. LakeDwellerMN

    Different pipe sizes coming from tank to rest of house

    Valveman, thanks for the comments. I didn't want to complicate my job any more than I already had. Don't take this as a negative for your product or services. Best wishes.
  7. LakeDwellerMN

    Re-doing my Pentec whole house filter (Big Blue)

    I guess its ok. I know they are pretty reliable if done correctly. If its done wrong, you would have seen an issue already. I went with pex into/out of my filters as wrenching on a filter can torque the unit and this may irritate certain fittings.
  8. LakeDwellerMN

    Different pipe sizes coming from tank to rest of house

    Quick update. Piping is finally cleaned up... All galvanized and steel fittings are GONE!!! All done and things are working much better. I was a bit nervous about reusing some of the other fittings, but a good bit of prepping the threads and everything is fine. I had to hunt down a pair of 90...
  9. LakeDwellerMN

    Pressure drop without running water

    Yikes!!! Iron in the shower and toilet were a huge issue at our cabin for years. Going to a 5micron dual stage filter setup (sediment + carbon) made a big difference, but, we are still chasing it from time to time. We get rid of the "bloodstains" with the following methods: Shower - "The...
  10. LakeDwellerMN

    Re-doing my Pentec whole house filter (Big Blue)

    We went with a dual-stage 4.5x10 whole house filter (well water) and a 20micron paper then 5micron carbon filter at our cabin. We get 6mo life out of our filters ("ice pure" on Amazon have proven worthy). In town, we just have a 100 micron spin-down filter after the water softener, as we had a...
  11. LakeDwellerMN

    Thoughts on discharge line from pump to tank?

    Yeah, its only going to be another 4" of distance from the discharge on the pump to the Tee for the tank/main line to the house.
  12. LakeDwellerMN

    Thoughts on discharge line from pump to tank?

    I am swapping a 20gal tank from my 14gal unit, which requires a slightly longer discharge line. Since it needs to bend/flexible, can I get by with reinforced/braided vinyl (plasticized polyvinyl chloride) rated for 125psi? (1" ID with 1-3/8" OD) My thought was to replace the single hose clamp...
  13. LakeDwellerMN

    Different pipe sizes coming from tank to rest of house

    My other thought was just to go with PVC (schedule 40) for everything coming from the tank into the dual-stage filter (with a shutoff valve just before the filters). Putting a union right after the T for the drain valve. Thoughts? Heat on the pump is not an issue in the past. We had a box...
  14. LakeDwellerMN

    Different pipe sizes coming from tank to rest of house

    This shows the existing 14gal tank in place. We have a 1" line coming from the well at this time. I am really tempted to swap out all the gal steel parts with brass fittings when I install the new tank. The bend on the PEX line has me worried. I am going to put a "sound box" over it that has...
  15. LakeDwellerMN

    Different pipe sizes coming from tank to rest of house

    All, We had a new well pump and tank installed (1/2hp and 14gal horizontal tank) last year. At the time, the plumber was unable to source a 20gal tank in a reasonable amount of time. Plumber has since retired. (no longer likes to take calls regarding his work). The check valve he installed...
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