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  1. Jim Port

    Running Wires in Conduit inside a wall

    NM is allowed inside of conduit by the NEC and is sometimes required to be protected by a conduit.
  2. Jim Port

    Old fuse box blowing large fuses but turn on dryer and power is back on?

    The symptoms described are typical of the loss of one leg of the panel. The circuit is being complete through the heating elements. The same thing would happen if the electric stove or oven was turned on. I seriously doubt that someone tapped into the dryer circuit, especially since it worked...
  3. Jim Port

    Shallow Wall Cavity for Junction Boxes, Cut Back of Boxes or Surface Mount?

    You may not think you need that much room but the required space is specified by the electrical code. For 2 12-2 cables without a device you need at least 5*2.25 cubic inches. with a device you need at least 7*2.25.
  4. Jim Port

    GFCI blows on jacuzzi

    GFI's don't trip from too much current being used so installing a larger breaker will not solve the problem. Have a repair company come out and service the tub.
  5. Jim Port

    Acceptable way(s) to stack/bundle multiple NM cables

    Many cable staples are listed for use with 2 cables.
  6. Jim Port

    Smoke detector

    Technical nitpick, those are smoke alarms, not detectors.
  7. Jim Port

    Moving Service Meter, supporting issues

    SER is a cable and does not need to be in conduit. If you are running the conduit for protection reasons, it will be much easier to use individual conductors. The grounding electrode will need to be flush or below the surface and have all 8' in contact with the earth.
  8. Jim Port

    Air Sealing Electrical Boxes (Expanding Foam.)

    I doubt that fireblock caulk or foam is required. The OP is not sealing fire rated areas, except for maybe floor penetrations and that is only is the floor is a rated assembly.
  9. Jim Port

    Joining allum nm to copper nm

    The only approved crimp is the Cop-alum by Tyco. You need to be trained and lease the tool from Tyco. The Alumi-conn by King seems like a nice splice but calls for a torque screwdriver for proper application.
  10. Jim Port

    Bathroom Remodel Wiring Question

    You will have a hard time fitting all those connections in the tiny junction box on the fan/light.
  11. Jim Port

    Circuit Breaker Lockout for Exit Signs?

    You don't need to use the kits for lock-out/tag-out. A breaker lock would work. Here is one style.
  12. Jim Port

    tamper proof receptacles

    The code uses the term "tamper resistant" for the devices with the shutters to prevent things like keys being inserted into the receptacles.
  13. Jim Port

    Bonding a new water supply line

    As you have already said the instructions call for a dedicated circuit. This is what should be done, not grabbing a nearby circuit. Adding a small subpanel would allow breaker space to be added.
  14. Jim Port

    New house wire

    Have trouble using power tools without getting hurt? Whistling
  15. Jim Port

    Use of registered names like ROMEX® on this forum, this is a poll

    This same letter was also sent to a home inspector forum.
  16. Jim Port

    Outlet question-

    In addition, any area that would require GFI protection would need it installed should the devices be changed out.
  17. Jim Port

    Should a garbage disposal be on a GFCI?

    Under the 08 or 11 NEC the GFI must be readily accessible so it cannot be behind the refrigerator.
  18. Jim Port

    Should a garbage disposal be on a GFCI?

    If refrigerators on GFIs was such an issue I would have thought we would have seen something on the news about restaurants constantly loosing food due to spoilage from tripped GFIs. Cost is the reason you do not see more GFI protection installed where it is not code mandated. Builders don't want...
  19. Jim Port

    Should a garbage disposal be on a GFCI?

    If the GFI is tripping there is a problem with the appliance. Spoiled food may be an inconvenience, but a lost life is worse. The GFI is for life safety. What is worth more, the life of a loved one or a roast? The UL allowable leakage current is 1/10th of the tripping level of a GFI.
  20. Jim Port

    6 AWG to 100 amp subpanel?

    Just because it works does not make it ok or a code compliant installation. You should splice a short piece of #4 onto the #6 and terminate the #4 on the breaker lugs.
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