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  1. Bill Shack

    Backflow Prevention

    If the fixtures that these pipes serve are above grade then you do not need a backwater valve.
  2. Bill Shack

    Clawfoot tub??

    I would be tempted to save the tub if possible. is it ceramic or cast iron.
  3. Bill Shack

    Cartridge for Moen shower faucet

    If the cartridges says Moen on it the cartridge is guaranteed for life just take it to any Moen distributor.
  4. Bill Shack

    Wet vent with AAV

    Looks good to me if a real vent is impractical or impossible ,
  5. Bill Shack

    Water pipes below electrical panel

    No water pipes or sources of water with in 5 feet of a electric panel. That is the code in quebec.
  6. Bill Shack

    Natural Gas leak in black pipe in attic

    first off the pipe is not black, It is galvanized. I would do a soap test to see if it is leaking. mix dish soap. (palmolive) one part with four parts water and apply with a brush.This will tell you which joints are leaking. If it is leaking call a plumber with a gas licence. He should remove...
  7. Bill Shack

    riddle of the toilet

    i had one many years ago, we did a huge reno for a very rich man. every morning there was water on the powder room off of the kitchen. My boss said find out what was the problem and fix it. the owner owed us 50 thou. I tried every thing. Then one day i got it, I told the owner to close the...
  8. Bill Shack

    When the company you work for is going down hill

    Is there a plumbers union in your area that controls pay and conditions ? From what i hear from a lot of other plumbers the unions are not very strong in many parts of north america. I guess that i am very lucky to be in a part where you must be unionized and have a plumber license to do any...
  9. Bill Shack

    Toilet flange too high causes rocking

    This happened to me once. I would suggest re moving the flange and the tile under the flange, the reinstall the flange on the concrete.
  10. Bill Shack

    P trap advice- washer

    Part of the p-trap is missing get the seller to replace it or hire a plumber to do this and send the fliper the bill.
  11. Bill Shack

    Failed inspection! Advice?

    In Quebec the laundry machine connection must be independent of all other plumbing fixture and before all other connections on the main drain or stack. The laundry can be at the back of the house but the connection must take priority over other connections.
  12. Bill Shack

    Laundry relocate and floor drain delete fix?

    Do not do it. You are asking for trouble. the Laundry must be connected to an main drain independent of any other drain. soap suds will come out of the floor drain everly time.
  13. Bill Shack

    'Nuther S-Trap Dilemma

    No good, Not even close to code, get a real plumber.
  14. Bill Shack

    Draining the plumbing to avoid winter freeze

    I have a cottage in northern Quebec where temps have gotten down to 40 below c or f it is the same at that temp. Ever spring i start up the water pump from the lake and drain it in the fall. I have several hose taps installed at the lowest points. I have a good size air compressor that i use to...
  15. Bill Shack

    Jetted Whirlpool tub, small bugs, clean out procedure????

    whirlpool tubs that were built in the 80's had re circulation pipe with dips in them that held water that then turned funky. Later models were build with sloped pipe so that they self drained when the tub was emptied. It sounds like you have one of the earlier models. This is what we did to...
  16. Bill Shack

    What cause this? sewer roof cap eaten away

    Rats, they come up the drain pipe and are looking for a home
  17. Bill Shack

    Reduce 3" vent stack to 2" thru roof

    In Quebec we required that every house have a three inch main stack that runs from the basement to the roof when it then changes to 4 inches going outside. Then the code changes to allow a reduction to 2 inches above the last bathroom connection. However we ran in to some much trouble we had to...
  18. Bill Shack

    Radiator plumbing

    Teflon White is for normal use Yellow is for gas piping Red is for oil bases piping.
  19. Bill Shack

    ground water is 4.5" below top of basement floor

    I would suggest a french drain on the outside of the house at the footing level. If you install a a device that collect water in the floor and pumps it away the water running under the footing of the house will eventually wash away the soil under the footing of your house and could potentially...
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