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  1. TOTOshopper

    Fixing nail hole in sewage pipe--very difficult spot. Thoughts?

    It's hard to see in the pictures. In the first picture--the one where I am pointing, the hole is still covered by the weep screed--you can see the nailhead on the weepscreed, that is where the hole is. In the second picture, you can see where the water is leaking out. And it is smaller than it...
  2. TOTOshopper

    Toilet that flushes well and is not tall?

    We are big fans of the Toto Drake, the new versions are taller than the old version. I need to fit a toilet under a shelf that is 30 3/4 inches tall. (and obviously the toilet needs to be bit less than that to allow room to install it, and room to take the lid off and reach in and do...
  3. TOTOshopper

    Toilet Flange below floor level??

    I had this problem. The flange was about inch below the floor and not level. I used the Danco Perfect Wax Ring With Bolts, from Home Depot. It worked perfectly. It was the only solution I could find where everything needed was in the box and I didn't need to buy extra extenders or other parts.
  4. TOTOshopper

    If you were going to buy a new toilet which one?

    Just bought a Toto Drake online from I'd never used them before and was skeptical, and also very concerned the toilet would arrive broke. But it arrived undamaged, and I think a key reason for this is that it was very well packaged in thick foam. They had good prices also. I...
  5. TOTOshopper

    Terry Love- cancer update

    I am very sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with your family. "Terry did something magical, turned a normally boring topic into a thriving, often animated, discussion forum." <- THIS! 100x this!
  6. TOTOshopper

    Fixing nail hole in sewage pipe--very difficult spot. Thoughts?

    Hello, sort of weird issue. My home is a wood-frame on slab with stucco walls. The water and sewage pipes go down into the slab. The sewage pipes are black ABS plastic. One day I noticed water coming from under the weep screed (the metal flashing at the bottom of the stucco) on the side of the...
  7. TOTOshopper

    1.6 vs 1.28 Flush

    Thanks for the suggestions. I had not heard of Caroma toilets before, and it sounds interesting. But based on the initial post here, I gather that with that they don't clog, but that there is more "mess" in the bowl...
  8. TOTOshopper

    1.6 vs 1.28 Flush

    We have someone in our family who consistently clogs most toilets, even when flushing immediately before adding any paper to the bowl. In fact, that is how they use toilets--flushing twice, once for the "biowaste" and the second time for the paper. But even so, they would clog the toilet most of...
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