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  1. Patriotrider

    Tile color mismatch, tear out on Kerdi

    Did a complete shower mod down to studs, then Durock and Kerdi, but after a few rows, noticed some tiles were mislabeled boxes. Store offering to replace all materials, but looking at extensive labor to remove. Expecting damage to Kerdi/durock/niche. Any experience with this?
  2. Patriotrider

    Cutting Holes in Tile

    Used the grinder method, then smoothed with rotary rasp in drill.
  3. Patriotrider

    Power flush cartridge vs dual flappers

    Had several problems with a Kohler “power flush cartridge” toilet over 3 years, so just replaced it with newer American Standard Dual flapper valve, “cyclone” rim design with disenfectant cartridge. Will see how it works, seems like a powerful flush. Maybe simple is better? Did see one...
  4. Patriotrider

    Why does drywall work in a Kerdi Shower?

    New member, old thread. Starting second shower with Kerdi kit. Having done a 500 sqft room addition with a roof/balcony over living area , (code inspected OK), using Advantech, Durock cement board and Ditra (waffle) membrane, covered with tile, ...its good stuff, pricey but no worries about...
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