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  1. Frenchie

    How can I (properly) build a simple rectangular deck?

    Try this: if that doesn't work: That's the single best starting point I know.
  2. Frenchie

    How should I do this?

    You should sleeve it - the flexible foam pipe insulation will do. Otherwise it rubs against the concrete as it expands & contracts whenever it changes temperature - good recipe for a leak.
  3. Frenchie

    say a little prayer tonight

    Huh? Explain. Or are you talking about the birther conspiracy stuff? If so... you might want to have a look at how many of the people pushing that, are the same fine folks who claimed 9/11 was an inside job by Bush & Cheney. Seriously - nothing right/left about those folks, more like...
  4. Frenchie

    say a little prayer tonight

    The bold statement isn't news. What am I supposed to say? Like you’re telling me the sky is blue. Not ignoring it… but what am I supposed to say? We will slowly pull out as it stops being news, and forget all about the people in Haiti until the next time they have a revolution or an...
  5. Frenchie

    adding outdoor outlet under deck

    Depending where you are, you could use PVC conduit instead of EMT. Also depending where you are, the only place you probably need conduit, is going through the wall, and maybe near the receptacle. Conduit is only needed where there's a risk of damage to the wire - as long as it's outdoor...
  6. Frenchie

    say a little prayer tonight

    What he said! Haiti wasn't a country 1000 years ago. Not even a colony. Just an island with maybe a few indians (all gone, now...) living on it. BTW, RE Tsunami funding - isn't the missing Tsunami money all aid given to local governments? AFAIK, the NGO's like doctors without borders...
  7. Frenchie

    ABS vs. PVC- marine application- building a shark cage

    Not seeing the point of a cage, if it's made out of PVC, you might as well do like Rutzen or Hartman: just tap em on the nose when they come check you out.
  8. Frenchie

    Just a couple of days away

    At least it's clear where you stand, then. Got an actual example of any wrong information I've given out? Or just your usual "because I say so"? Yeah, that's what I thought. Bye, all. It's been a slice. I'm out.
  9. Frenchie

    Just a couple of days away

    In the middle of explaining what you and I were talking about? And how each State administers its own welfare programs, and that's why it might not be the same where you live, as in New York where I live, and the other states I used as examples.... You were part of the topic, how am I not...
  10. Frenchie

    Great Britian Socialized Medicine Going Broke, Fee's Proposed

    In moderation? A glass of wine a day lowers your odds of heart attack. In excess? No.
  11. Frenchie

    Just a couple of days away

    Would you PLEASE stop dragging my name into things, every time SOMEBODY ELSE pisses you off? ...and you wonder why I get paranoid. Hah. .
  12. Frenchie

    Tie sink vent & boiler vent together?
  13. Frenchie

    steam radiator valve hole sizes?

    What size are the vents that you're replacing? If you want less heat output, replace that radiator with a smaller radiator. If you reduced the size of the vent enough to interfere with that rad heating - not that I'm sure that's entirely possible, but speaking theoretically - it'd...
  14. Frenchie

    Relocating Kitchen Sink

    For 1 foot? That's a lot of trouble. Why not just offset the trap arm, inside the cabinet, instead - leave the dwv where it is? Yes. You have to keep at least 5/8" away from either face, and the hole to a maximum of 60% of the stud (on a 2x4, that's 2-1/8"). If it's a bearing wall...
  15. Frenchie

    2 way switch not working right

    Late now, but... you should combine them under a wire nut, instead, with a third, short length of wire leading to the terminal. It's called a "pigtail". Like so:
  16. Frenchie

    2 questions

    If you have to ask...
  17. Frenchie

    Just a couple of days away

    Quoi? Cookie, comment pourrais-tu cônter une telle histoire! Bien sûr que je parle Français, je parle Français depuis mon enfance... Je n'ai appris comment parler l'Anglais, qu'à l'âge de sept ou huit ans! Oh, wait - did you mean I don't know how, or I'm not allowed?
  18. Frenchie

    2 way switch not working right

    I always though it had to do with the possible states of the circuit. 2-way circuit has 2 possible states: - on - off 3-way circuit has 3 possible states: - on (through the first traveler) - on (through the 2nd traveler) - off and so on.
  19. Frenchie

    Just a couple of days away

    Which State ARE you in these days, Cookie? I actually have no idea.
  20. Frenchie

    Dishwasher service manual needed

    Google turned these up:
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