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  1. Eagle71

    Kohler Tresham Tank bolts

    Hello all. I'm in the middle of installing a kohler tresham toilet with the preinstalled tank bolts. I never worked with these. It seems to have expansion sleeves instead rubber of washers inside the tank. Do they have to be tightened until the the tank touches the rubber spacers between the...
  2. Eagle71

    acrylic tub caulk

    Hello all. I have a deep gap to caulk in between a new tile floor and Kohler acrylic tub. Other than silicone (because it never seems to stick well to acrylic tubs) what caulk is most reliable and doesn't shrink too much? Color isn't an issue. I could use regular siliconized acrylic tile caulk...
  3. Eagle71

    no flow new radiator

    Hello all. I recently replaced an old small cast iron radiator in my second floor bath with a runtal wall panel. They look very restrictive to flow so before I ordered it I did some crude calculating and figured the flow rate would be lower but doable. I bled the system and ran it for at least...
  4. Eagle71

    Radiator plumbing

    Hello all. I had to put off install till Friday. Gave me time to think about thread sealant. I was going to use pink Teflon tape like I have in the past (never a leak) but was going to maybe use rectorseal 5. I've heard really good things about it. Since the joint will be inside the wall I want...
  5. Eagle71

    Radiator plumbing

    Hello all. This weekend I'm installing a wall mounted runtal radiator with the supply/return lines coming through the wall. The current configuration has the pipes through the floor. Everything is copper so repiping this isn't a problem. The pipes will run up inside the wall to drop ear elbows...
  6. Eagle71


    Thanks man.
  7. Eagle71


    Hello all. Getting ready to set a new kohler acrylic alcove tub that just happens to sit perfectly level when dry fit. Anyway, i usually use ledgers and concrete to help level acrylic tubs, but never actually installed one that didn't need leveling. Could i bypass using ledgers—kohler doesn't...
  8. Eagle71

    cast iron radiator

    I removed the rad yesterday and capped off both copper lines. Then refilled and bled system. Just curious though, now that there is some air trapped in those two capped pipes will it adversely affect the system?
  9. Eagle71

    bleeder valve

    So I guess loosen the set screw on the side and turn it counterclockwise? I looked all over the net for this thing and only found the patent for it. Reads Taco-Vent on top of it.
  10. Eagle71

    bleeder valve

    Morning all. Is this an automatic bleeder valve? A few of my radiators have them. The only screw on it is what looks like a set screw against the threads to keep it from spinning off.
  11. Eagle71

    cast iron radiator

    Thanks man. That's what i thought. Just wanted to be sure.
  12. Eagle71

    cast iron radiator

    Hello all. I need to remove a cast iron radiator next month for a bath remodel. I've done this many times but not during cold weather when the system needs to be on during renovations. I initially thought I could take out the radiator and plug the unions, but apparently there are differing...
  13. Eagle71

    What to do?

    Hello all. Without going into great detail about who dropped the ball on this one--I've got a stop valve sitting somewhere inside a run of 4" iron pipe. Because of miscommunication the toilet was installed and used for a day before it could be retrieved. Now it isn't visible to grab. It's...
  14. Eagle71

    exhaust duct

    Hello all. Im finishing up a backsplash tile job and had to remove the stove vent duct. The plumbers came in to reroute heat pipes that now run behind the duct on the wall. The duct now touches the pipes a bit. I want to keep them seperate because of the possibility of corrosion between the...
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