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    Can I hook up my washer drain to the toilet drain?

    Connecting washer drain to toilet drain: Possible, but check local codes for cross-contamination issues. May cause gurgling, backflow, or ventilation problems. Alternatives: Standpipe for bathtub drain: simple, inexpensive. Upgrade bathtub drain: better flow capacity. Relocate washer drain...
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    Any way to repair the off market brand kitchen faucets

    For the WaterLux leak, Check connections or gaskets. Contact the seller or your nearby hardware stores. For faucet replacement, ensure RO compatibility, choose lead-free certified (NSF 61/G), and research filter claims (NSF 42/53).
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    Multiple leaks uponor pex 2012 home

    Ignoring your PEX leaks risks further damage and inconvenience. Consider these options: 1. Leave it as it is - This option is risky and likely leads to more leaks and higher costs. 2. Perform a leak detection - It minimizes damage but doesn't solve the problem. 3. Re-piping hot water - It...
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    Drain-Tailpiece Leaking

    Use compatible metals (avoid mixing brass & steel). Seal it up! Teflon tape + dope on the nut threads. Upgrade the washer: high-quality rubber or double-washer. Clean regularly: remove corrosion with vinegar/baking soda. Remember to check for rough edges, use the correct length, and avoid...
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    Advice on connecting horizontal drain to Sewer main in crawl space

    Long sweep 90° for sewer connection, not tee. Sanitary tee on its back for the vent, not combo wye. Local codes may differ, so check and slope the drain. Seal well and consider a plumber for the critical connection.
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    Leak detection?

    Flow meters for long waterlines: Mechanical turbine meters: These are robust and reliable for outdoor use, but they often require straight pipe sections before and after for accurate readings. Consider models like the FLOMEC TM Series or Blue White F-45500L-8. Ultrasonic flow meters: These are...
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    Bubbling toilet in apartment

    Bubbling can be a sign of a partial clog or air in the drain lines, not necessarily a full-blown sewage backup. However, it's important to monitor the situation and address it before it worsens. Note down the times when the bubbling occurs and if it coincides with specific activities like...
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    Hot Water Heater Contaminated

    Manipulating the anode rod with a liquid wrench and attempting to drain and flush the system yourself carry significant risks, potentially causing harm to yourself and damaging your heater beyond repair. A qualified plumber can safely drain the tank, flush it with appropriate cleaning solutions...
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    To reduce my Water Bill, can I adjust Shut Off Valve under Kitchen & Sink faucet

    Adjusting the shut-off valve under your kitchen and bathroom sinks is not a recommended way to lower your water bill. While it might seem like a quick fix, there are several downsides like reduced water pressure. Reducing water flow can encourage mineral buildup and scaling within the valves...
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    Toilet bubbling, tub backing up.

    There could be several possibilities - Incomplete Clean: While snaking usually clears blockages, sometimes debris can be pushed further down the line and settle later, causing another backup. Vent Pipe Issue: A blocked or damaged vent pipe can also cause bubbling and backflow, even if the main...
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    What manual 5/16" Inner Core drain cable would you recommend?

    A 5/16" inner core drain cable is a good option for your rental house, as it will be more durable and less likely to kink or wrap around itself than a 1/4" cable. Here are a few brands and models to consider, all under $80: Ridgid 56787 C-2IC Drop Head 25' Cable - This is a great choice for both...
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    Faint dripping sound UNDERNEATH toilet in piping underneath floor

    It's possible that the dripping noise is related to condensation. If the toilet tank is relatively cold, especially in a humid environment, condensation can form on the outside of the tank. As water drips off the tank, it could create a sound that coincides with the flushing cycle. Check for any...
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    Sealer where pipes pass through floor?

    Similar to steel wool, copper wool is another option that can act as a barrier for mice. It is also resistant to corrosion. Using a high-quality caulk or sealant designed for exterior use can help create a tight seal around the openings. Silicone or polyurethane caulks are good choices for their...
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    Water main piping....yep another one

    The water meter size is typically based on the expected peak water demand for your property. In your case, with a single-story home, 2.5 baths, and an additional wash sink, a 3/4" meter may be sufficient. To estimate your household's peak flow rate, you can add up the flow rates of individual...
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    Domestic water line reroute

    Carefully inspect the current water line route, taking note of its path, any obstacles, and potential points for rerouting. Determine the most efficient and unobtrusive path for the new water line along the cement foundation. If the electrical conduit is in the way, plan the water line route to...
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    Winter only issue with tankless

    Introducing a recirculation loop involves redirecting hot water back to the cold water input. This could potentially create a situation where hot water is unintentionally introduced into the cold water supply, posing a safety risk. A backflow preventer is a good idea, but it's important to...
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    Navien tankless banging

    Ensure that your home's water pressure is within the recommended range for the Navien NPE-240A. Also, in addition to the water arrestor, install a water hammer arrestor on other appliances or fixtures connected to the plumbing system. I hope this might help.
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    Leaky and whiny koher shower

    There could be several possibilities : 1. Mineral buildup can be one of the most obvious reasons. Over time, mineral deposits can accumulate in your plumbing, causing reduced water flow and making it harder to turn the handle. The whining sound may be caused by water struggling to pass through...
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    Could this be a leak? Help on what to do!

    A slow leak and even half a gallon in seven hours can be concerning both for water conservation and potential damage to your property over time. While it's possible that this could be due to residual pressure changes from the recent repairs. You can opt for isolation testing, toilet leak...
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    Basement drain pipe layout questions

    Slip couplings are useful when making connections in tight spaces or when you can't access the pipes directly. They allow you to slide the coupling over one pipe, then slide it back to make the connection.
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