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  1. roughyear

    2 zones, not enough pressure to work

    I was going to run a new wire from the controller to the first box where the fault is in the one wire (I HAD 11 zones and one MV, thus all 13 wires in use). The GRAY wire is the bad one , but the box is 120 feet away from the controller and I would have to trench underneath a concrete/paver...
  2. roughyear

    2 zones, not enough pressure to work

    Ok... continuation from my previous topic. I had a bad zone due to a short in a wire, and thus used the wire from a flower bed zone to fix the bad lawn zone I then decided to connect the 2 different flower bed zones (#6 and #10) and make both #10.. but as expected, there is not enough water...
  3. roughyear

    Zone fault/short

    Ok.. I could NOT find the ground fault, but did figure out the problem was the wire from the controller to the 1st box where it's spliced. I ran a new wire and connected it to the splice and the zone activated. ... BUT , I wasn't in the mood to dig and bury 120-ft of wire, so I basically...
  4. roughyear

    Irrigation valve box keeps flooding

    My front yard valving housing box, which has 4 solenoids in it, keeps filling with water. The one guy that does my system maintenance and winterization says its normal When I look in the box, like today as I'm looking for a darn short in the system, there is a lot of water, covering all the...
  5. roughyear

    Zone fault/short

    Greetings all, I have a Hunter irrigation system with 11 zones. I have one zone (#7- gray wire) that has some type of fault in it that keeps erroring out my system. I have 4 zones in the front yard (one box) , and the other 7 in the back yard (2 boxes , one with 5 solenoid the other with 2)...
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