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  1. FullySprinklered

    Shutoff valve hose removal

    Did you bleed the pressure off elsewhere?
  2. FullySprinklered

    Uponor PEX problem ALERT

    Do we know how many times the operator cycled the tool?
  3. FullySprinklered

    1 inch well pipe plastic

    I've used 1" sharkbite slip couplings on 1" HDPE. I think it's CTS and not IPS.
  4. FullySprinklered

    Cinch Tool

    A customer gifted me a cinch tool yesterday. Found it behind the water heater. I already have the ring crimpers and the expansion tool, but this thing looks like it could come in handy. Would like some feedback from someone who has used it. Not sure if the system is dependable, but it could...
  5. FullySprinklered

    Kohler flush volume (water usage)

    The fill valve has the float. The flush valve has the flapper. The "flapper" may be staying up too long. Could be a tower rather than the traditional flapper. Did two yesterday where the arm on the handle had some buildup or corrosion not allowing the tower to drop down as designed, wasting...
  6. FullySprinklered

    Bath Tub Overflow Confusion

    You might get some slack by removing the tub drain and pushing back on the overflow head.
  7. FullySprinklered

    Flooring guy needs a little help with Toilet / Flange?

    I would take my angle grinder with the diamond blade, and grind half an inch off the pucker hole on the bottom of the toilet. Sorry for getting too technical.
  8. FullySprinklered

    Grout creeping out of shower drain?

    Tile setters tend to sluff off grout down the drain without doing anything to block it off. It hardens up and starts catching hair and stuff and eventually clogs the drain. Had to fix quite a few.
  9. FullySprinklered

    Un-shielded fernco couplings

    The shielded ferncos can be awkward to use in some situations since it has a stop in the middle of it. The unshielded fitting can be slid down the pipe, then slid back over the joint to be tightened down. I'll let others debate the legalities.
  10. FullySprinklered

    Sewage pump issue

    They charge by the pound for the Zoellers.
  11. FullySprinklered

    Sewage pump issue

    Yep, it was the pump. Purring like a kitten now. Identical to the bad one, 1/2 horse Zoeller, 3-year warranty. Put the first one in November of 2018. That's three years and two months. Knock me down with a feather.
  12. FullySprinklered

    Sewage pump issue

    I told her to go ahead and order the pump. Should be in early next week. Surprisingly, it's cheaper than it was before. If it ain't the pump I'll have to fall on my sword. Thanks for the input from everyone. I'll update next week.
  13. FullySprinklered

    Sewage pump issue

    Yeah, the house breaker trips. Looking back at my records, I replaced that pump in Nov of 2018. Customer did a phone sale on the pump at the supply house and I don't have any other invoices for any parts. The shut off valve and the check valve must be original. Only tank I ever saw that had a...
  14. FullySprinklered

    Sewage pump issue

    Looks like two votes for a bad pump.
  15. FullySprinklered

    Sewage pump issue

    more so after drilling the hole
  16. FullySprinklered

    Sewage pump issue

    While I was lying flat on the floor armpit deep in the tank feeling around for my favorite flashlight, I didn't feel any buildup. No brownheads.
  17. FullySprinklered

    Sewage pump issue

    Discharge pipe was pretty slimey and didn't see a hole. Drilled a new one and that didn't help. I wonder if the pump got weakened from running on too much. Pumped good at floor level, but maybe not so much up 8 feet? Three year old pump, expensive one.
  18. FullySprinklered

    Sewage pump issue

    I'll swing by there and take a look, thanks. Will keep you posted.
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