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  1. Rich689

    Pull down kitchen faucet question

    I recently replaced a kitchen faucet with a pull down spray hose with a brand new similar faucet/spray hose. I followed the instructions to the letter with no issues. I noticed in the few weeks after installation that there is a somewhat knocking or clunking sound when turning on the faucet...
  2. Rich689

    Moen 1255 issue

    In case it helps anyone else, there is a somewhat concealed brass nut that surrounds the brass body that holds the cartridge. There is probably a specialized spanner wrench that Moen uses to build this at their factory, but a small flathead screwdriver is enough to tighten the nut sufficiently...
  3. Rich689

    Moen 1255 issue

    I have a Moen kitchen “gooseneck” faucet with pullout hose that was installed in July 2020. I had to replace the 1255 cartridge in 2022 as hard water took its toll on it. No issues until the past few weeks when I have noticed something feeling loose when operating the handle. Tried taking the...
  4. Rich689

    Moen 4621 faucet

    Thanks - any suggestions on a specific brand/model number?
  5. Rich689

    Moen 4621 faucet

    Thanks for the diagram. But I’m still not clear if there is anything internally that can be tightened.
  6. Rich689

    Moen 4621 faucet

    The model I have is with the “teardrop” handle that pulls up to turn the water on and pushes down to turn it off. Then it rotates counterclockwise for hot and clockwise for cold. Uses a 1225 cartridge.
  7. Rich689

    Moen 4621 faucet

    I have a Moen 4621 faucet, about 11 years old, that appears to be loose inside. The cold water copper line, the brass valve, and the aerator spout all shift when operating the faucet. There is nothing wrong with the 1225 cartridge or the handle. Moen’s customer service said the faucet is no...
  8. Rich689

    MOEN 1222 Cartridge: Clean out, Repair, & "Proud" (won't insert in valve fully)

    When you take the 1222 cartridge apart, with what do you lubricate the o rings on the inner spool? I have had a chronic issue with Moen 1222 cartridges becoming difficult to turn a few months after installation. So I tried removing the inner spool and using the danco silicone grease on the o...
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